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The histories of this company as well as the history of the invention of gramophone record and gramophone itself are inseparably related to the name of talented inventor, engineer and businessman Emile Berliner. In 1893 Berliner had formed the United States Gramophone Company that located at 1410 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.. This company offered the first seven inches disc records in November 1894 on the Berliner Gramophone label. After various mergers, divisions, lawsuits, and injunctions, this company was to give rise to the Victor Talking Machine Company. The company was incorporated in Camden, New Jersey on October 3, 1901 by Eldridge R. Johnson.

In England, the Gramophone Company was incorporated in 1899. In the same year the Deutsche Grammophon (DGG) branch of the Gramophone Company was established in Berlin, from which sub-branches were formed in Russia and Austria. In a few years the joint-stock company "Gramophone" incorporated multiple plants in 30 countries.

For processing records for Russian market a new plant was built in Riga. Officially, the "Gramophone" society acquired manufacturing permission in April,2 1903. In the same year of 1903, the "Gramophone" took over the second factory in Riga from its competitor International Zonophone Company.
For a long time the records were just single-sided. Since January 1, 1911 they start to sell also two-sided records.

Military operations of 1914 had forced company to relocate the manufacture from Riga to Moscow where on the Stshipok Street the Writing Amour (Pishushij Amour) plant had been established.

In the beginning of 1918 the Moscow factory was stopped. All its equipment had been moved to the "Fifth Anniversary of October" factory (former Brothers Pathé factory). kindly thanks Alan Kelly for the enormous amount of hardwork and time that he invested in compilation of A Complete Numerical Catalogue of Russian Gramophone Recordings made from 1899 to 1929 in Russia and elsewhere, and for the courtesy copy of it that he gifted to our Portal. As the name says, Alans Catalogue is Complete, that makes it far superior to any other Catalogues. Another feature of tremendous importance is that the Catalogue is bilingual. All Russian titles are preserved in transliterated format, their presence is extremely important for proper identification of records. There is also their English translation that makes the Catalogue interesting for users all around the Globe. And last but not least important feature is that the Catalogue is distributed in the electronic format. It allows keeping low price (about $20 with shipping), and perform all kinds of computer searches.

The Catalogue would never be perfect without help of Vladimir Gurvich who scrupulously checked every word. Unfortunately, Vladimir suddenly passed away leaving the job unfinished, therefore a part of the Catalogue remains unchecked. Vladimir also did not check the Ukrainian titles.

E.Berliner Gramophone (75)
Gramophone Record 7 (47)
Gramophone Record Red Seal (7)
Amour Gramophone (479)
Gramophone Concert (446)
10" Gramophone Concert Record discs with Trading mark "Angel" (Recording Amour) printed as bronze contour picture.
Gramophone Monarch (93) new
12" Gramophone Monarch Record discs with Trading mark "Angel" (Recording Amour) printed as bronze contour picture.
Concert (Cupid in color) (293)
10" Gramophone Concert Record discs with Trading mark "Angel" (Recording Amour) printed as full-color picture.
Monarch (Cupid in color) (86)
12" Gramophone Monarch Record discs with Trading mark "Angel" (Recording Amour) printed as full-color picture.

HMV Concert Record (26)
HMV Monarch Record (15)
His Masters Voice (234)
Disque pour Gramophone (4)
Disco Gramofono (0)
Disco Grammofono (2)
Disco Gramophone (1)
Disque Gramophone (28)
La Voz De Su Amo (0)
La Voce del Padrone (4)
La Voix de son Maître (0)
Künstler-Schallplatte (16)
Schallplatte Grammophon (26)
Sahibinin Sesi (Turkey) (0)
Die Stimme seines Herrn (64)
Gramola Record (6)
 Gramola, Gramola (pasteover)
Hlas Jeho Pána (0)
Gramophone Melba (1)
Gramophone Patti (2)
HMV (Roumania) (9)
Gramophone Private Records (1)
Test Record (10)
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Cat No▲
(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
CategoryOrder No
[xRef Nos]
Ruishe Shaer - Part 1, dance
Kandels OrchestraVictor (black)
Ruishe Shaer - Part 2, dance
Kandels OrchestraVictor (black)
Russian, ItalianBaritone with orchestra
Opera Zazà: Cascart´s aria - Zazà, piccola zingara ( ) from Act 2 (Rugiero Leoncavallo)
Oscar Kamionsky, acc. orchestra1908
Gramophone Concert, Zonophone
ItalianTenor with Orchestra
Opera Pagliacci: Vesti la giubba (Ruggero Leoncavallo)
Enrico Caruso, acc. orchestraLeningrad Plant

(0B 4392)
English, GermanDance Orchestra with Refrain
The Gypsy (Zigeuner, You Have Stolen My Heart), tango (Austin Egen, Franz Grothe)
Marek Weber and his Orchestra, Conductor Marek WeberEuropeExperimental Factory (Moscow)(0B 4392)
Noginsk Plant
EuropeExperimental Factory (Moscow)
Leningrad Plant
EuropeVictor (black)
Bakovka Factory (Bakovka)
Sverdlovsk Regional Cinema Trust
Marek Weber and his Orchestra. Vocal byA ustin Egen, Conductor Marek WeberZET (mocking bird)
Marek Weber and his Orchestra, Conductor Marek WeberMoskvoretsky Trust (Zavod)
Noginsk Plant
Aprelevka Plant

(0B 4393)
Spanish, English, GermanDance Orchestra with Refrain
Tonight (Esta Noche), tango (Pablo Lesso-Valerio, Lyrics by Jimmy Kennedy)
Marek Weber and his Orchestra, Conductor Marek WeberEuropeSovSong(0B 4393)
Victor (black)
Aprelevka Plant
Noginsk Plant
Aprelevka Plant
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