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The story of Stinson Trading Company begins with Soviet Union participation in the 1939 Worlds Fair that took place in New York. The Company was founded by two men: Mr. Irving Prosky who was the first exclusive American distributor of records made in the Soviet Union, and Mr. Herbert Harris who was the owner of the Union Record Shop located at 14 Union Square and operated Sales Concessions of Soviet pavilion in Stanley and Miami Theaters. It looks like due to the high popularity of some Soviet records they were quickly sold out. The Stinson Trading Company was quickly set up for reprinting those records on the American soil. Though the label design of American records matches the Russian one, it is slightly different. The labels have smaller size, and the bottom note read Recorded in Soviet Union instead of Made in USSR. When the World Fair was over, the company continued to make pressings of the Soviet records together with another American company Keynote Recordings owned by Eric Bernay/Bernstein.

In 1942 Stinson Trading Company formed partnership with Moe Aschs Asch Records. In overall, this relation was mutually beneficial thought not without serious problems that eventually lead Moe Asch to dissolve the partnership in 1946 and form his own DISC label. In the 1950s Stinson specialized on recordings of folk music.

We are happy to announce that recently we were lucky to establish contact with Herbert Harris granddaughter Mrs. Karen Williams who is the current owner of Stinson Records. We agreed to cooperate in order produce an updated version of the article that will include documentary material from the companys archive.

Stinson (NY Fair 1939).jpg (2)
Sold-out replacements at 1939 Worlds Fair. They have the original numbers and original design, but there are two distinctions from the originals: the label has smaller size (75 mm instead of 80 mm) and the bottom note read "Recorded in Soviet Union" instead of "Made in Soviet Union"
Stinson (black with a man) (28)
Label design soon after 1939 Worlds Fair. They have slightly different design - missing "USSR" and "New Your Fair 1939" inscriptions
Stinson (red with a man) (11)
Red color labels with own numbering system and silver inscriptions. The rest is the same as records issued right after 1939 Worlds Fair.
Asch-Stinson (4)
Records issued in period of partnership with Asch Records.
Stinson (red) (22)
Stinson (blue) (2)
Stinson (black) (0)
Stinson (red, pre-LP) (2)
Albums (4)
Famous Red Army Songs (  ) (bernikov)
Famous Red Army Songs ...
Stinson (red with a man)


Stinson set S-225 "Moscow strikes back" ( Stinson S-225 "Moscow strikes back"), songs (mgj)
Stinson set S-225 "Moscow ...
Stinson (black with a man)


Gypsyes () (bernikov)
Gypsyes ()
Stinson (black with a man)


Latest Folk Songs from Soviet Union (     ) (max)
Latest Folk Songs from Soviet ...
Stinson Records


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TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
Label(s)Order No
[xRef Nos]
R 3071 A
Russianbaritone with piano
Prince Igors aria ("No sleep, no rest for my tormented soul") ( (" , ")) (opera Prince Igor, act 2) (Alexander Borodin, lyrics by Alexander Borodin, Vladimir Stasov)
Ivan Petroff, acc. Menahem Bensussan (piano)~1949MirR 3071
R 3071 A
Stinson Records, MirR 3071
R 3071 B
Russianbaritone with piano
Prince Igors aria ("No sleep, no rest for my tormented soul"), part 2 ( (" , "), 2) (opera Prince Igor, act 2) (Alexander Borodin, lyrics by Alexander Borodin, Vladimir Stasov)
Ivan Petroff, acc. Menahem Bensussan (piano)~1949MirR 3071
R 3071 B
Stinson Records, MirR 3071
UK 13 A
Ukrainianchorus with banduras ensemble
Maiden went a mushrooming ), folk song
chorus of Hryhory Veryovka, acc. banduras ensemble, Conductor Hryhory Veryovka1946
Surma, GramplasttrestUK 13
UK 13 B
Im looking at the sky ( ), folk song (Vladyslav Zaremba, arr. Oles' Chishko, lyrics by Mikhaylo Petrenko)
Konstantin Laptev, acc. Naum Valter (piano)1943
Surma, GramplasttrestUK 13
Leningrad Plant, Gramplasttrest
UK 26 A
Waltz medley ( )
orchestraUkrainian RecordsUK 26
UK 26 A
UK 26 B
Ukrainianduet with orchestra
Lovemaking (), kolomyjka
Ewgen Zhukowsky, Roza Krasnowska, acc. orchestra, Conductor Pawel Humeniuk03.1931
Ukrainian Records, Columbia RecordUK 26
UK 39 A
Ukrainianbaritone with orchestra
The night wanders along winter streets ( ), tango (Anatoly Kos-Anatolsky, lyrics by Volodymyr Sosiura)
Yurij Lawriwskyj, acc. orchestra, Conductor R. Genyk-Berezowskyj1953Stinson (red), Arka Records (USA)UK 39
UK 39 B
Ukrainiantenor with orchestra
The sun sets ( , ), tango (arr. Volodymyr Baltarovych (Ston-Baltarovych) (?))
Volodymyr Bozhyk (?), acc. orchestra~05-1937 (?)
Warsaw (?)
Stinson (red), Odeon-RecordUK 39
Russian, Ukrainianfolk instruments ensemble
Ukrainian cossack dance ( ) ( ), folk dance
Kiev philarmony folk instruments ensemble1937
Stinson (blue), GramplasttrestUK-46
Yiddish, RussianBaritone with Jazz Orchestra
Baron von der Pshik ( ), song (Sholom Secunda, arr. Orest Kandat, lyrics by Anatoly Fidrovsky)
Leonid Osipovich Utyosov, acc. jazz orchestra, Conductor Leonid Osipovich Utyosov13-03-1943
Stinson Records, Gramplasttrest3003
RussianTenor with Accordions
Two Friends ( ), song (Anatoly Lepin, lyrics by Vasily Lebedev-Kumach)
Vadim Kozin, acc. David Ashkenazi, A.Timofeev (accordion)1943
Stinson (red), Gramplasttrest3003
Polish, RussianMezzo-Soprano with Jazz Orchestra
Blue Kerchief ( ) (Mała błękitna chusteczka), song (Jerzy Petersburski, lyrics by Mikhail Maksimov)
Klavdiya Shulzhenko, acc. jazz orchestra, Conductor Alexey Semenov11..12-1942
Stinson (red), Gramplasttrest3004
RussianMale Choir with Orchestra
Meadowland (My own, my beloved field) (-), song (Lev Knipper, arr. Alexander Alexandrov, lyrics by Viktor Gusev)
Red Banner Red Army Song and Dance Ensemble, Conductor Alexander Alexandrov, Solo by Konstantin Lemeshko (Trumpet)1937
Stinson (red with a man), Gramplasttrest5951
RussianMale Choir with Orchestra
25th Anniversary Song (XXV ) (Alexander Alexandrov, lyrics by Osip Kolychev)
Red Banner Song and Dance Ensemble, Conductor Alexander Alexandrov1943
Stinson (red with a man), Gramplasttrest (three digits wartime system)3005
Russianmale choir with orchestra
If war breaks out tomorrow ( ), march song (Dmitry Pokrass and Daniil Pokrass, lyrics by Vasily Lebedev-Kumach)
Red Banner song and dance ensemble, Conductor Alexander Alexandrov1937
Asch-Stinson, Gramplasttrest3010
Russianmale choir with orchestra
Kalinka (), folk song (arr. Alexander Alexandrov)
Red Banner song and dance ensemble, Conductor Alexander Alexandrov, Solo by Viktor Nikitin1938
Asch-Stinson, Gramplasttrest3010
Russianmale chorus and orchestra
Holy War ( ), song (Alexander Alexandrov, lyrics by Vasily Lebedev-Kumach)
Red Banner song and dance ensemble, acc. orchestra, Conductor Alexander Alexandrov06...09-1941
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