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Leningrad - "Mineral" and "Plastmass" Artels [Hits: 39841]  Discuss on forum [0]

According to R.Pantelyus:
19471 116
1948120 294
1949295 356
1950409 608
1951611 899
1952901 1075
19531079 1180
19541182 1374
19551375 1504
19561509 1644
19571655 1818
19581819 1970

Plastmass artel was situated in Leningrad, buildings 1-3, Kalashnikovskaya (renamed Sinopskaya in 1952) embankment. It was founded in 1946 [L.]. Together with Mineral artel, known from prewar time, in 1947-1949 it produced discs with the recordings made at Leningrad Radio House, and also copies of Moscow and foreign records. By 1948, the production of Mineral artel decreased dramatically, and in 1949 it ceased work totally.
In 1949 Plastmass artel arranged its own recording studio, and organized a complete production cycle. During 10 following years the factory produced discs using only its own studio recordings.
In 1949-1952 supermignon records (16,2 cm in diameter) were issued. From 1950 mignon discs (19,6, from 1953 20,2 cm) appeared. From 1954 grand size (25 cm) were introduced.
Before 1950 the matrix number was indicated only on the mirror of a disc. Since 1950 it also was shown on the label. In 1950-1953 the censorial number of Leningrad Repertoire Committee (with year indicated) was also stated on label.
In 1951-1958 a certain number, beginning with M, was also stamped on the mirror of the records. It most probably indicates the through numbering of all Leningrad recordings, because such numbers were also placed on LEF discs and Gramplastmass own recordings.
In 1947-1949 the versions of recordings under one number were indicated with A letter. In 1949-1958 almost all Plastmass discs were recorded in two-three versions under one number. These versions were pointed on mirrors with different postfixes after matrix number in Roman figures (until 1951) or Arabic numerals (like 768/II, 1237-3 and so on).
In 1955 the studio was totally reconstructed, with acoustics improved and more advanced equipment installed [L.]. Most likely, magnetic recording began to be introduced at the same time.
In 1958 artel Plastmass (named Factory since 1957) ceased its own recordings with copies of some foreign records (made in GDR and Poland). From that moment the factory issued copies of matrices recorded in Moscow and the most popular ones of its own. A single exclusion was made in 1959. Celebrating the launch of Lenin atomic icebreaker, Plastmass factory by a special order re-recorded Song about the Atomic Icebreaker and Our Admiralty Wharf from Leningrad Radio magnetic tapes. This record was not destined for sale, and had matrix numbers from those used earlier.
By 1961 the factory developed the manufacture of long-playing records. When the All-Union Firm Melodiya was created, Plastmass stopped production.
During the first years of operation the factory of Plastmass artel produced 300000 350000 records a year. In 1957 the output exceeded 2000000 copies [L.]. Furthermore, Plastmass matrices (mainly Mignon size) spread widely through all the Soviet Union, and were used for stamping records at various half-primitive workshops of local industry.
As of the first half of 1958, the factory had a record archive, keeping the first matrices of the records issued [L.].
Over a period of 1948-1958 the factory issued a great number of recordings of Leningrad artists and collectives, among them Olga Nesterova, Leonid Kostritsa, Tamara Kravtsova, Yuri Khochinsky, Efrem Flax, Olga Kravchenko, Arkady Raikin and many others. The voices of popular artists that visited Leningrad during guest performances (Leonid Utyosov, Klavdiya Shulzhenko, Vladimir Bunchikov, Vladimir Nechaev, Mark Bernes and others) were also recorded.
The studio orchestra (in 1957 in included 18 musicians [L.]) during the various years was directed by Mikhail Vetrov, Yuri Shakhnov, Efim Zablotsky, Georgy Doniyah, Anatoly Badkhen.

Yuri Boyarintsev, translated by Alexey Petukhov

L. Musical Leningrad/ Ed. by I.Golubovsky. Leningrad, 1958
Artel "Mineral" (90)
Artel "Plastmass" (1334) new
Artel "Plastmass" (issues from GPT matrices) (83) new
Sleeves (22)
Album of records to children produced by artel "Plastmass" (    "") (Priokskaya)
Album of records to children ...
Artel "Plastmass"


       "" (stavitsky)
Artel "Plastmass"


 "" (Belyaev)
Artel "Plastmass"


"Plastmass" factorys sleeve (  "" -  1959 ) (Yuru SPb)
"Plastmass" factorys ...
Artel "Plastmass"


  "". ( )
Artel "Plastmass"


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TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
Label(s)Order No
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[xRef Nos]
RussianMezzo-Soprano with Orchestra
Quietness (), song (Vasily Lipatov, lyrics by Nikolay Gleyzarov)
Tamara Kravtsova, acc. studio orchestra, Conductor Anatoly Badkhen1958
Dnepropetrovsk - UTO Plant1841
RussianContralto with Ensemble
My Heart ( ), song (arr. Alexander Rivchun, lyrics by Olga Fadeeva)
Izabella Yur'eva, acc. instrumental quartette1954
Plastic factory of Kirov district (conductor)1225-21
[ 17375, 17376]
RussianJazz Orchestra
The Birch tree (), waltz (Yevgeny Dreizin, arr. Nikolay Minkh)
Jazz Orchestra of Leningrad's Radio Committee, acc. jazz orchestra, Conductor Nikolay Minkh1946
Artel "Mineral" 116
Polish, RussianMezzo-Soprano with Ensemble
Lilac (), song (Henryk Wars, lyrics by M. Karelina and Lyudmila Davidovich)
Esfir Purgalina, acc. ensemble, Conductor Mikhail Vetrov1948
Artel "Plastmass" 74
The Verse about the one who doesnt know anything ( , ), poem (lyrics by Elena Ryvina)
M. Shifman1948
Kiev - Gorhimpishchepromsouz294
RussianTenor with Duet of Accordions
The forest page winds remote ( ), song (Boris Mokrousov, lyrics by Naum Labkovskiy)
Vladimir Nechaev, acc. Vladimir Kuznetsov and Ivan Tikhonov (duet of accordions)1951
Kharkov - Kaganovich Rajpromkombinat896-1
Kiev - Artel "Khimpobyt"763-1
RussianMale vocal with orchestra
Song of Rajah, from the Indian movie "The tramp" ( , / "")
Gleb Vassilievich Romanov, acc. stdio orchestra, Conductor Anatoly BadchenArtel "Plastmass"
RussianMale vocal with orchestra
Love song, from the Indian movie "The tramp" ( , / "")
Gleb Vassilievich Romanov, acc. studio orchestra, Conductor Anatoly BadchenArtel "Plastmass"
RussianFemale vocal with orchestra
Serenade, from the Italian movie "Streets songs" (, . / " ") (C. Biksio, lyrics by Viktor Yusefovich Dragunsky)
Aleksandra Andrejevna Kovalenko, acc. studio orchestra, Conductor Anatoly BadchenArtel "Plastmass"
RussianFemale vocal with orchestra
Be afraid of the dark eyes, Pedro!, Spanish song (, , !, )
Aleksandra Andrejevna Kovalenko, acc. studio orchestra, Conductor Anatoly BadchenArtel "Plastmass"
RussianMezzo-Soprano with Orchestra
The wonderful song (-) (Lydmila Lyadova, lyrics by Lyudmila Davidovich, Victor Dragunsky)
Tamara Kravtsova, acc. studio orchestra, Conductor Anatoly Badkhen1956
Artel "Plastmass"[33404]
RussianTenor with orchestra
The last cabman ( ), song (Francis Lemarque, lyrics by Sergei Bolotin (russian text))
Nikolai Nikolajevich Nikitsky, acc. studio orchestra, Conductor Mikhail Petrovich Volovats1957
Artel "Plastmass"
RussianMale vocal with ensemble
Native sea ( ), song (A. Rjazanov, lyrics by Anatoly Vladimirovich Sofronov)
Leonid Ossipovich Utesov, acc. soloists' ensemble 0f state variety orchestra of rsfsrArtel "Plastmass"
RussianBaritone with Orchestra
Love song ( ) (Vano Muradeli, lyrics by Esfir Ivanova-Barkova)
Leonid Utyosov, acc. ensemble of the state variety orchestra rsfsr, Conductor Leonid Utyosov1957
Baku - Proizvodstvenny kombinat1798
RussianMale vocal with ensemble
Ah, my Odessa! (, !), song (Andrei Yakovlevich Eshpai, lyrics by Vladimir Petrovich Kotov)
Leonid Ossipovich Utesov, acc. soloists' ensemble of state variety orchestra of rsfsrArtel "Plastmass"
RussianMale vocal with orchestra
I didnt come at Donbass for ages ( ), song (Nikita Vladimirovich Bogoslovsky, lyrics by Nikolai Konstantinovich Dorizo)
Leonid Gerassimovich Kostritsa, acc. studio orchestra, Conductor Anatoly BadchenArtel "Plastmass"
RussianMale vocal with orchestra
You have told yourself ( ), song (Oskar Borisovich Feltsman, lyrics by Vladimir Gavrilovich Kharitonov)
Leonid Gerasimovich Kostritsa, acc. studio orchestra, Conductor Anatoly BadchenArtel "Plastmass"
RussianFemale vocal with orchestra
Shady acacia is drawing me to walk ( ), song (Aleksandr Pavlovich Dolukhanjan, lyrics by Garold Gabriel'evich Registan)
Tamara Vassilievna Kravtsova, acc. studio orchestra, Conductor Anatoly BadchenArtel "Plastmass"
RussianFemale vocal with orchestra
I shall not write to you ( ), song (Kirill Vladimirovich Molchanov, lyrics by Yakov Aleksandrovich Khelemsky)
Tamara Vassilievna Kravtsova, acc. studio orchestra, Conductor Anatoly BadchenArtel "Plastmass"
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