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August Friedrich Burchard had a shop in St.-Petersburg, he also was known as businessman, engineer and inventor. The advertisement about gramophone records, recorded and printed by his order, was published in the Grammofonnij Mir (The Gramophone World) magazine (December 5, 1911, 22-23, p. 25). Currently it is not known on which plant the records were pressed, supposenly it is Metropol Record that used to take such kinds of orders. The beginning did not have further development, no more Salon Record were evere issued. Currently, Salon Record records are extreme collection rarity. They have grand format and bright labels with August Burchards trademark that depicts a special needle that looks like a pen point. On Salon Record records were featured famous St.-Petersburg singers M.Michailova, N.Bolshakov, A.Bragin, M.A.Emskaya and etc.


1. P.Grunberg. The History of the Gramophone in Russia., p.176
2. A.Zhelezny. Our Friend a Record., p.82
Salon Record A. Burchard (6)
Salon Concert Record (2)
Sleeves (3)
 , -, 1900- . (horseman)
, -, ...
Salon Record


 , ,  1914  (Zonofon)
, , ...
Salon Record


Burchard () (TheThirdPartyFiles)
Burchard ()
Salon Record


Cat No
(Mx/Ctr No)▲
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
Label(s)Order No
[xRef Nos]
The New Year Eve Party ( ), melodeclamation
Dmitry Bogemsky, acc. orchestraSalon Record A. Burchard
Congratulations with the Angel Day ( ), melodeclamation
Dmitry Bogemsky, acc. orchestraRAOG (black III)9401
Salon Record A. Burchard, RAOG=Russian Stockholders Company of Grammophone
Greeting to newlyweds ( ), scene
Dmitry BogemskySalon Record A. Burchard
RussianBaritone with Piano
Tomskys Ballad - Once in Versailles (Three cards) ( - ( )) (Opera Queen of Spades, act 1) (Pyotr Tchaikovsky, lyrics by Modest Tchaikovsky, based on: Alexander Pushkin: The story The Queen of Spades)
Alexander M. Bragin, acc. pianoSalon Concert Record
RussianBaritone with Piano
Tomskys song - If Only Darling Maidens ( - ) (Opera Queen of Spades, act 3) (Pyotr Tchaikovsky, lyrics by Modest Tchaikovsky, based on: Alexander Pushkin: The story The Queen of Spades)
Alexander Bragin, acc. pianoSalon Concert Record
RussianComic Duet with Harmony
Blini (), comic song
Comic Duet, acc. harmonySalon Record A. Burchard
RussianComic Duet with Balalaika
Broad Maslenitsa, Raeshnik ( , ), comic song
Comic Duet, acc. balalaikaSalon Record A. Burchard

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