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Seven-Fourty | Tkonst |  | 19.07.2009 12:28   
По видимому копия я диска Сирены рекордс - правда о ригинала на сайте видимо нет...

The Stonemason | Adrian |  | 17.07.2009 15:03   
Fair-Haired Maiden
I can't remember after 35 years the music he sang, but now I remember it was a song and not an opera aria. I had assumed the two titles must be opera and aria titles. Could they actually be two different songs? Rubini did mislabel things at times, perhaps omitting a different composer for the second title.

I don't think there is an English idiom using fair hair in this way. (There is one with "Blue-Eyed Boy"). And I'm sure an English translator would not use an idiom to translate a Russian title not much known in the West. So I think, whatever the Russian form is, it means 'Blond Girl' exactly as you say.

The Stonemason | bernikov |  | 17.07.2009 09:35   
Dargomizhskii's romance "Kiss" does exist
Look at this link

But I could not find "Fair-Haired Maiden". May be I incorrectly understand it as "Blond Girl" ? Can it be understood as "Well Behaved Maiden" or "Favourite Maiden" using analogy with "Fair-Haired Boy"?

The Stonemason | Adrian |  | 17.07.2009 07:34   
Title confusion
Now I check and there's no Dargomizhskii opera called the Kiss. But one by Smetana. No aria with that title by either composer.

The Stonemason | Adrian |  | 15.07.2009 19:02   
Another recording
This is the one that I remember was recorded in a hotel room.
Dargomizhskii The Kiss. The Fair-Haired Maiden. It is on Rubini GV15, Famous Russian Singers Vol 1, LP issued about 1973.
The original record came from the Stuart-Liff collection.

It is not the other Gramophone recording which was a song by Cui.

In the hall of the mountain king | bernikov |  | 15.07.2009 07:50   
Re: Как прваильно?
Спасибо, я поменял на "короля"

In the hall of the mountain king | Tkonst |  | 15.07.2009 05:25   
Как прваильно?
"В пещере горного духа"... вроде бы сейчас называют в основном "В пещере Горного Короля".

The Stonemason | Adrian |  | 13.07.2009 17:27   

Quote: Recorded in St.-Petersburg ("Gramophone", 1914), in Japan ("Nipponophone", 1925)

But he made two Gramophone recordings, so the 'Nipponophone' is different.

The Stonemason | Adrian |  | 13.07.2009 17:15   
Wonderful sound
Why did he only make two recordings?

On a Rubini LP from the 1970s there was a title, different from this one. I remember the notes said that the echoing sound was because it had been recorded in a hotel room. The recording quality seemed very different from this recording and I think it might have been a private electrical recording.

Asters of Autumn | conservateur |  | 13.07.2009 04:04   
Re: аккомпаниатор
Golovko wrote:
Тимофеевич... Алексей, не сомневайтесь))))

Спасибо, Дмитрий! Меня смутил ошибочный инициал на этикетке

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