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Bolero (Болеро), romance



on other languages: Русский

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Label Transcription:

Gold fund  Soviet recordings 
Лит В. Муз. Ц.Кюи,
исп. В.В.Барсова,
ф-но С.И.Мацюшевич
ЛРК 40 6301
Mirror Transcription: 6301/2 Г-0...
Additional information: This is a different take to one I’ve seen on a Gramplasstrest issue. The microphone is more distant in this one.
Original matrix: Gramplasttrest # 6301
Label Catalog No Mx/Ctr No Take Order No Censorial No Additional information
Experimental and local > Leningrad - Sverdlov District Factory 6301 6301 ГРК 0319
ЛРК 40
Reissue (original matrix)
Reverse Side 6304 6304
Soviet records > Gramplasttrest 6301 6301 ГРК 0319Original matrix
Gramplasttrest > Noginsk Plant 6301 6301 ГРК 0319Original matrix Gold fund
Gramplasttrest > Noginsk Plant 6301 6301 ГРК 0319Original matrix Silver fund
Gramplasttrest > Aprelevka Plant 6301 6301 ГРК 0319Reissue (original matrix) Gold fund
Gramplasttrest > Leningrad Plant 6301 6301 Г 0319Reissue (original matrix) Silver fund
Gramplasttrest > Leningrad Plant 6301 6301 ГРК 0319Reissue (original matrix) Gold fund
Title Name: Bolero
Language(s) or Ethnics: Russian | Catalog category: Soprano with Piano | Genre (Music Category): Romance
Artist(s): Valeria Barsova
Composer: Cesar Cui
Lyrics By:
Accompaniment Type: Piano | Accompanist: S.I.Matsyushevich
Bandmaster or conductor:
Recording Place: Moscow | Recording Date: 1937
Transfer speed:
Record size:
Additional keywords:  
Label file size: 1.8 MB | 2024x1967 px | Audio file size: 2.7 MB | 3:00
Hits: 1298 | Label downloads: 29 | Audio downloads: 23
Added by: Adrian | 07.03.2010 15:07 | Last updated by:  bernikov | 16.04.2017 22:22
Artistic value: 0.00 (0 votes)
Сollectable value: 0.00 (0 votes)
Label quality: 0.00 (0 votes)
Audio quality: 0.00 (0 votes)
Author Comment

Comments: 464
Join Date: 03.07.2009
Not Sverdlovsk Regional Cinema Trust
but there is no heading for this label that I can see. Yuri, please move it where it belongs!
  07.03.2010 15:30
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Yuru SPb
Editor of Artels "Mineral" and "Plastmass" chapter

Comments: 651
Join Date: 04.03.2010
Эти пластинки
выпускались в конце войны в Свердловском районе Ленинграда. Сверловский район - западная половина Васильевского острова. Потом этот район влился в Василеостровский. Один знакомый коллекционер предположил, что эти пластинки могли выпускать на фабрике Ленмузтреста (она тоже находилась в Свердловском районе, на Кожевенной линии 23).
Была еще одна этикетка этого предприятия.
  08.03.2010 01:35
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