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TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
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Artel "Gramplastmass" (others)
RussianSoprano with Piano
Джаз-шутка, song (arr. M. Brusilovsky)
Esfir Purgalina, acc. M. Brusilovsky (piano)1940
Artel "Gramplastmass" (others)ЛРК 3114
RussianSoprano with Piano
Jazz-Joke (Джаз-шутка), song (Erell Rivs, Tolhard Evans, arr. M. Brusilovsky)
(Песенка о неизвестном любимом)
RussianSoprano with Piano
The song about unknown sweetheart (Песня о неизвестном любимом) (Vladimir Sidorov, lyrics by Anatoly D'Actyle (Anatoly Frenkel))
Esfir Purgalina, acc. M. Brusilovsky (piano)1940
Artel "Gramplastmass" (others)ЛРК 3115
Artel "Gramplastmass" (pre-war numbering)
(470 ГПМ)
German, RussianDance orchestra
Playing of Guitar(Guitar of Love) (Игра гитары (Гитара любви)) (Guitarren spielt auf), tango (Ludwig Schmidseder)
Willy Glahe Orchestra, acc. orchestra, Conductor Willy Glahe1934
Artel "Gramplastmass" (pre-war numbering)ЛРК 1696

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