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Finding Dzhulynka (В поисках Джулинки) (bernikov)
Finding Dzhulynka (В поисках ...
CDs and DVDs


Paul Pinna (Паул Пинна) (german_retro)
Paul Pinna (Паул Пинна)
Portrait Gallery


Artur Arturovich Eisen (1927-2008) (Артур Артурович Эйзен (1927-2008)) (Modzele)
Artur Arturovich Eisen ...
Portrait Gallery


Leonid Mikhailovich Kharitonov (1933-2017) (Леонид Михайлович Харитонов (1933-2017)) (Modzele)
Leonid Mikhailovich Kharitonov ...
Portrait Gallery


Vadim Lvovich Ruslanov (1926-1996) (Вадим Львович Русланов (1926-1996)) (Modzele)
Vadim Lvovich Ruslanov ...
Portrait Gallery


Ivan Semenovich Bukreev (1924-1998) (Иван Семёнович Букреев (1924-1998)) (Modzele)
Ivan Semenovich Bukreev ...
Portrait Gallery


Viktor Fedorovich Gridin (1943-1998) (Виктор Фёдорович Гридин (1943-1998)) (Modzele)
Viktor Fedorovich Gridin ...
Portrait Gallery


Alma Fohström (TheThirdPartyFiles)
Alma Fohström
News Papers


Lemko Folk Music On Wax Cylinders and American Records (Лемковская народная музыка на восковых цилиндрах и американских грампластинках) (bernikov)
Lemko Folk Music On Wax ...


Years Go By (Всё, что было) (bernikov)
Years Go By (Всё, что было)
The Music on the Ribs


Cat No
(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
[xRef Nos]
Artel "Gramplastmass" (post-war numbering)
FrenchDance Orchestra
The Poor People Of Paris (La Goualante Du Pauvre Jean), foxtrot (Marguerite Monnot)
Les BaxterArtel "Gramplastmass" (post-war numbering)
Bellaccord Electro
(M 4973)
English, LatvianTenor with Dance Orchestra
Two Happy People (Divi laimigie), slow-fox (Jimmy McHugh)
Edvins Krumins, acc. dance orchestra, Conductor Sergey Aldyarov (Levinson)RigaBellaccord Electro3902
Red Army soldiers are the children of the working people (Красноармейцы - дети трудового народа), speech (lyrics by Nickolay I. Bukharin)
Nickolay I. Bukharin01-02-1919
How to save the working people forever from the yoke of landlords and capital (Как спасти навсегда трудящихся от гнета помещиков и капитала), speech (lyrics by Vladimir Lenind))
Vladimir Lenin27-03-1920?
Columbia Record
(AX 4771)
RussianMale Choir
Safe, Oh god, Thy People, church canticle (Tschesnokoff)
Don Cossack Chorus Serge Jaroff, Conductor Serge JaroffColumbia Masterworks
(AX 4771)
RussianMale Choir
Safe, O Lord, Thy People, church canticle (P. Tschesnokoff)
Don Cossack Chorus Serge Jaroff, Conductor Serge JaroffColumbia (European)
RussianMale Choir
Спаси, Боже, люди Твоя, church canticle (Pavel G. Chesnokov)
Don Cossacks Choir of Serge Jaroff, Conductor Serge Jaroff~1930
Decca (UK)
(3627 HPP)
RussianMale Choir with Orchestra
Along the Vales and Hills (По долинам и по взгорьям), song (Aturov, arr. Alexander Alexandrov, lyrics by Sergey Alymov)
Red Banner Red Army Song and Dance Ensemble, Conductor Alexander Alexandrov1937
Decca (UK)
(3628 3/4HPP)
French, RussianMale Choir with Orchestra
The International (Интернационал) (L’Internationale), anthem (Pierre Deheyter, lyrics by Eugene Pottier, Arkady Kots (Russian version))
Red Banner Red Army Song and Dance Ensemble, Conductor Alexander Alexandrov1937
Decca (UK)
Deutsche Grammophon
72435 B
RussianMale Choir
a) How glorious is Our Lord in Zion, b) Save, o Lord, Thy people (а) Коль славен наш Господь в Сионе, б) Спаси, Боже, люди Твоя) (Dmitry Bortnyansky, Pavel Chesnokov)
Don Cossack Chorus Serge Jaroff, Conductor Serge Jaroff, Solo by B. Morozov20-11-1953
Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft72435
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