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Finding Dzhulynka (В поисках Джулинки) (bernikov)
Finding Dzhulynka (В поисках ...
CDs and DVDs


Oscar Kamionsky (Оскар Исаевич Камионский) (bernikov)
Oscar Kamionsky (Оскар Исаевич ...
Portrait Gallery


L.J.Lipkovskaja (bernikov)
Portrait Gallery


Grave of George Seversky (Могила Жоржа Северского) (bernikov)
Grave of George Seversky (Могила ...
Portrait Gallery


Nikolai Georgievich Procofieff de Seversky (Николай Георгиевич Северский) (bernikov)
Nikolai Georgievich Procofieff ...
Portrait Gallery


Fedor Chaliapin near a house in Kazan where he was born (Ф.И. Шаляпин в г. Казани на фоне дома, где он появился на свет) (avg)
Fedor Chaliapin near a house in ...
Portrait Gallery


Jazz band in the hotel "Europe" Lenningrad, 1936 (Джаз-оркестр в гостиннице "Европейская", Ленинград, 1936), бlues (Alex Allen)
Jazz band in the hotel ...
Portrait Gallery


Russia’s last Heroes (max)
Russia’s last Heroes


Yiddish Songs from the repertoire of Michail Epelbaum (Еврейские песни из репертуара Михаила Эпельбаума) (bernikov)
Yiddish Songs from the ...


Forty Don Cossacks conquer the worldVierzig Don Kosaken erobern die Welt (bernikov)
Forty Don Cossacks conquer the ...


Letter from the Pastor of Zimmerwald to Serge Jaroff of 14. June 1933 (In German) (max)
Letter from the Pastor of ...


Where are you, my love (Your Eyes) (Где же ты, моя любовь (Твои глаза)), folk (town) song (Zonofon)
Where are you, my love (Your ...
Gagra - Recording studio of UBON


Cat No
(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
[xRef Nos]
Artel "Gramplastmass" (GPT matrices)
RussianMale Choir with Orchestra
Where are you, friends-brothers-soldiers (Где же вы, друзья, однополчане), song (Vasiliy Solov'ov-Sedoy, lyrics by Alexey Fat'yanov)
Red Banner Soviet Army Song and Dance Ensemble, acc. ensemble, Conductor Boris Alexandrov, Solo by Viktor I. Nikitin1948
Artel "Gramplastmass" (GPT matrices)ГРК 22
Where are you? (Где жы ты?), song (Boris Mokrousov, lyrics by N. Chernov)
Ruzhena SikoraArtel "Gramplastmass" (GPT matrices)
RussianTenor with Ensemble
Song (Песня) (Film «Where does the asphalt end») (Claudio Santoro, arr. Vyacheslav Mescherin, translator A. Vintyatsky)
Oleg Anofriev, acc. The Ensemble of Electro-Musical Instruments of Vyacheslav Mescherin, Conductor Vyacheslav Mescherin1963
Artel "Gramplastmass" (GPT matrices)
Asch Records
Russianmale chorus and orchestra
Holy War (Священная война), song (Alexander Alexandrov, lyrics by Vasily Lebedev-Kumach)
Red Banner song and dance ensemble, acc. orchestra, Conductor Alexander Alexandrov06...09-1941
Bellaccord Electro
(M 3906)
Here, where swaying the pine forests (Še, kur līgo priežu meži), march song
Aleksandrs Kortans, acc. "Bellaccord" Orchestra (company's jazz orchestra)RigaBellaccord Electro3428
(M 4667)
Where is your heart? (Где твоё сердце?), tango (Artur Gold, lyrics by Oscar Strock)
Boris Baykalov, acc. "Bellaccord" Orchestra, Conductor Oscar StrockBellaccord Electro3769
(M 5065)
RussianTenor with Jazz Orchestra
tell me, where are you? (Скажи, где ты?), tango (Mark G. Maryanovsky)
Konstantin Sokolsky, acc. company's jazz orchestra, Conductor Sergey Aldyarov (Levinson)RigaBellaccord Electro
Columbia Record
DW 4451
(CR 638)
RussianMale Choir
a) Grow, Grow, My Arrowwood; b) Oh, where have you been, my not a stranger? (а) Расти, расти моя калинушка; б) Ах, где ж ты была, моя нечужая?), folk songs (arr. Serge Jaroff)
Don Cossack Chorus Serge Jaroff, Conductor Serge JaroffColumbia (European)
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