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Only there... (Tylko tam...), song (mgj)
Only there... (Tylko tam...), ...
Recorded blanks


Бабочка, tango (Andrei)
Бабочка, tango
Moscow - Audio letters studio on Gorky str.


Kolja (Felt boots) (Коля (Валенки)), song (Iv110100)
Kolja (Felt boots) (Коля ...
Moscow - Audio letters studio on Gorky str.


Butterfly (Flutur), (Albanian tango) (Бабочка (Flutur), (Албанское танго)) (ua4pd)
Butterfly (Flutur), (Albanian ...
Sochi - Recording studio


Butterfly (Flutur), (Albanian tango) (Бабочка (Flutur), (Албанское танго)) (Александр Хрисанов)
Butterfly (Flutur), (Albanian ...
Yalta - recording studio


Dashing Polka (Лихая полечка), russian ditties (Andrei)
Dashing Polka (Лихая полечка), ...
Audio messages studio (undefined)


Butterfly (Flutur), (Albanian tango) (Бабочка (Flutur), (Албанское танго)) (Zonofon)
Butterfly (Flutur), (Albanian ...
Audio messages studio (undefined)


Four teeth (Shining by the Top Hat in the Sun) (Четыре зуба (Цилиндром на солнце сверкая)), song (Zonofon)
Four teeth (Shining by the Top ...
The Music on the Ribs


Odessa’s Panama (Одесская панама), song (Zonofon)
Odessa’s Panama (Одесская ...
The Music on the Ribs


Snowflakes (Снежинки), song (stavitsky)
Snowflakes (Снежинки), song
The Music on the Ribs


Cat No
(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
[xRef Nos]
Argee Records
RussianDuet with Orchestra
The Nightingales (Соловьи), song (Vasily Solovyev-Sedoy, lyrics by Alexey Fatyanov)
Georgy Vinogradov, Vladimir Bunchikov, acc. orchestra, Conductor Mikhail Zhukov1945
Argee Records1033
Arka Records (Canada)
T 19484
I Go By Meadow, folk song
Irida Cherniak & Petro Cherniak, acc. pianoArka Records (with ARKA inscription)
Artel "Gramplastmass" (others)

RussianDuet with piano
Komsomol military (Комсомольская военная), song (Klimenty Arkadyevich Korchmarev, lyrics by Semyon Isaakovich Kirsanov)
Sergey Ivanovich Bitelev, Nikolay Nikolaevich Belugin, acc. piano1931
Artel "Gramplastmass" (others)ЛРК 619
Artel "Gramplastmass" (post-war numbering)
Polish, RussianDuet with Orchestra
Stay (Останься (Как будто ничего не было)) (Jak gdyby nigdy nic), tango (Eddy (Adolf) Rosner, Fred Szer, lyrics by Jerzy Ryba, translator Yury Tseitlin)
Pavel Gofman and Tamara Kravtsova, acc. orchestra, Conductor Eddy (Adolf) Rosner, Solo by Eddy (Adolf) Rosner (trumpet)1957
Artel "Gramplastmass" (post-war numbering)[М00704]
RussianVocal duet with a variety orchestra
It only in Leningrad (Это только в Ленинграде), song (Evgeny Ovchinnikov, lyrics by Boris Ratser)
Lyudmila Veselkova, Inna Vachnadze, acc. variety orchestra, Conductor Vitaly Ponarovsky1957
Artel "Gramplastmass" (post-war numbering)[М-30109]
RussianVocal duet with ensemble
Irochka-imitator (Ирочка-копирочка), satirical song (Vitaly Ponarovsky, lyrics by B. Kuni, A. Merlin)
Anatoly Belenky and Anotoly Phedukin, acc. variety ensemble, Conductor Vitaly Ponarovsky1957
Artel "Gramplastmass" (post-war numbering)[М30110]
Artel "Gramplastmass" (pre-war numbering)
(551 ГПМ)
French, RussianDuet with Jazz Orchestra
Tout va tres bien, madame la marquise (Все хорошо, маркиза), song (Paul Misraki, arr. Alexander Tsfasman, lyrics by Alexander Bezymensky)
Edith and Leonid Utyosov, acc. jazz orchestra, Conductor Leonid Utyosov19-08-1937
Artel "Gramplastmass" (pre-war numbering)ЛРК 2239
(ГПМ 602)
Scottish, RussianDuet with Jazz Orchestra
The Shark (Акула), song (arr. Isaac Dunaevsky, lyrics by Samuil Marshak)
Edith and Leonid Utyosov, acc. jazz orchestra, Conductor Leonid Utyosov16-08-1938
Artel "Gramplastmass" (pre-war numbering)ЛРК 2678
(3404 Н)
RussianDuet with Orchestra
Oh, let me, my angel (О, позволь ангел мой) (Opera «Faust», act 3) (Charles Gounod)
Peter Slovtzov, Мария Куренко, acc. orchestra1913
Artistotipia (portrait)
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