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Finding Dzhulynka (В поисках Джулинки) (bernikov)
Finding Dzhulynka (В поисках ...
CDs and DVDs


Oscar Kamionsky (Оскар Исаевич Камионский) (bernikov)
Oscar Kamionsky (Оскар Исаевич ...
Portrait Gallery


L.J.Lipkovskaja (bernikov)
Portrait Gallery


Nikolai Georgievich Procofieff de Seversky (Николай Георгиевич Северский) (bernikov)
Nikolai Georgievich Procofieff ...
Portrait Gallery


Muzpred catalogue, 1926 (incomplete) (Каталог Музпред, 1926 (неполный)) (Adrian)
Muzpred catalogue, 1926 ...


Alma Fohström (TheThirdPartyFiles)
Alma Fohström
News Papers


Voices Of The Past, volume 11 (bernikov)
Voices Of The Past, volume 11


G.Goessel: Fonogram 2 / Journey to the beginning of the recorded sounds (bernikov)
G.Goessel: Fonogram 2 / Journey ...


Lemko Folk Music On Wax Cylinders and American Records (Лемковская народная музыка на восковых цилиндрах и американских грампластинках) (bernikov)
Lemko Folk Music On Wax ...


Yiddish Songs from the repertoire of Michail Epelbaum (Еврейские песни из репертуара Михаила Эпельбаума) (bernikov)
Yiddish Songs from the ...


Forty Don Cossacks conquer the worldVierzig Don Kosaken erobern die Welt (bernikov)
Forty Don Cossacks conquer the ...


Record players plant “Syrena” (Jurek)
Record players plant “Syrena”


Johnny Is The Boy For Me, song (Zonofon)
Johnny Is The Boy For Me, song
Sochi - Sochfoto pavilon


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(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
[xRef Nos]
Ukrainian Operatic Ensemble
Five Ukrainian Songs (M. Lysenko, J. Stepowy, V. Kostenko, R. Kupchinsky)
Michael Minsky, acc. Bohdan Piurko (piano)Ukrainian Operatic Ensemble
Ukrainian, GermanBaritone with Piano
a) I once had a beloved homeland b) Not all sorrows passed away (а) У мене був коханий рідний край б)О, ще не всі умерли жалі), songs (Nikolay Lysenko, Iakiv Stepovyi)
Michael Minsky, acc. Bohdan Piurko (piano)Ukrainian Operatic Ensemble
Ukrainian, Germanbaritone with piano
I once had a dear native land + All of my sorrows have not yet diedмене був коханий рідний край + О, ще не всі умерли жалі) (Ich hatte einst ein schönes Vaterland + Alle meine Sorgen sind noch nicht gestorben), romances (1: Nikolay Lysenko, 2: Yakiv Stepovy (Yakymenko), lyrics by 1: Heinrich Heine, 2: Olexandr Oles (Alexander Kandyba), translator 1: Maxim Slavinsky (Maksym Slavynsky))
Michael (Mykhailo) Minsky, acc. Bogdan (Bohdan) Piurko (piano)1951
UkrainianBaritone with Piano
I had a sweetheart, once (Мав я раз дівчиноньку), song (R. Kupchynsky / M.Fomenko)
Michael Minsky, acc. Bohdan Piurko (piano)Ukrainian Operatic Ensemble
RussianString Quartette
Had You But Known (Когда-б Вы поняли меня), romance (Luigi Denza)
String Quartette, Conductor G.A.MikhailovBeka-Grand-Plastinka (red)
Bellaccord Electro
(M 4528)
RussianTenor with Jazz Orchestra
I had a Dream (Снилось мне), tango (Konstantin Sokolsky)
Konstantin Sokolsky, acc. "Bellaccord" Orchestra (jazz orchestra), Conductor Sergey Aldyarov (Levinson)RigaBellaccord Electro3709
Johnny Is The Boy For Me, song
Les Paul and Mary Ford, Solo by Mary Ford1953CapitolCL2486
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