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Down the Petersky (Вдоль по Питерской), folk song (bernikov)
Down the Petersky (Вдоль по ...


The new entrance hall (Ах вы сени, мои сени), folk song (bernikov)
The new entrance hall (Ах вы ...


The birch tree in the field (Во поле берёзонька стояла), folk song (bernikov)
The birch tree in the field (Во ...


Tamara Hairanian (Тамара Харанян) (Lotz)
Tamara Hairanian (Тамара ...
Dr. Rainer E. Lotz


Only there... (Tylko tam...), song (mgj)
Only there... (Tylko tam...), ...
Recorded blanks


Bursts of laughter (Взрыв смеха) (TheThirdPartyFiles)
Bursts of laughter (Взрыв смеха)
Multimedia & other


Grave of George Seversky (Могила Жоржа Северского) (bernikov)
Grave of George Seversky (Могила ...
Portrait Gallery


Nikolai Georgievich Procofieff de Seversky (Николай Георгиевич Северский) (bernikov)
Nikolai Georgievich Procofieff ...
Portrait Gallery


"There is a good town in the north" T. Khrennikova. Soloists: P. Tverdokhlebov, Yu. Stepanov, N. Ustinov; conductor S. Musin. 1940’s. The photo. ("Есть на севере хороший городок" Т. Хренникова. Солисты: П. Твердохлебов, Ю. Степанов, Н. Устинов; дирижер С. Мусин. 1940-е гг. Фотография.) (Belyaev)
"There is a good town in ...
Portrait Gallery


Alma Fohström (TheThirdPartyFiles)
Alma Fohström
News Papers


Voices Of The Past, volume 11 (bernikov)
Voices Of The Past, volume 11


Katarzyna Janczewska-Sołomko. The Discopedia of Pre-1918 Polonics Vol.1 (Katarzyna Janczewska-Sołomko. Dyskopedia poloników do roku 1918 tom 1) (Jurek)
Katarzyna ...


Mikhail Bliznyuk. Beautiful Marusia Sava... (Михаил Близнюк. Прекрасная Маруся Сава...) (bernikov)
Mikhail Bliznyuk. Beautiful ...


Forty Don Cossacks conquer the worldVierzig Don Kosaken erobern die Welt (bernikov)
Forty Don Cossacks conquer the ...


a) There was no unfaithfulness; b) Fairy (beginning) (а) Не было измены; б) Фея (начало)) (dima)
a) There was no unfaithfulness; ...


Lullaby of Birdland (Александр Хрисанов)
Lullaby of Birdland
The Music on the Ribs


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TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
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RussianMale Choir
If There Is No Faith (Коль веры нет), song
Male Choir of the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ1948
Grand Forks, BC (Canada)
Argee Records
Ukrainianbandurist's chorus
Oh, there on the hill (Ой, по горі, по горі), folk song (arr. Petro Potapenko)
The Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian bandurist chorus, Conductor Volodymyr Boshyk (Walter V. Bozyk), Solo by Ihor Sayfert, Hryhory Popov03-1951
Argee Records2504
Hey there, troika (Гай-да тройка), folk song
Russian folk chourus, Conductor Vasily Varshavsky, Solo by DameralBeka-Grand-Plastinka (red)
RussianChoir with harmony orchestra
There died a poor man (Умер Бедняга), song (Jakov F. Prigozhiy, lyrics by Konstantin Romanov)
Choir of V.S. Varshavsky, acc. orchestra, Conductor Vasily Varshavsky, Solo by KasatkinBeka-Grand-Plastinka (red)
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