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about this site
I wish to thank all people without participation of whom this Portal would never have been possible:
  • My college-time friend, that we even used to be the roommates, Alexander Bystrov for his generous help and magnanimous grant of his White Album software that he has developed himself using 4images package to;
  • Writer and researcher in the area of pre-Revolutionary Recordings in Russia, Alexander Tikhonov for his wholehearted support of this Project and his agreement to publish on our site the whole family of his wonderful articles previously published by Mysykalnaya Zhyzn (Music Life) and Zvukorezhisser (Sound Producer) magazines. Currently, we are working on translating these articles into English; both versions: English and Russian will appear on our pages soon;
  • Dm. Pokrovsky ensemble soloist, author and presenter of the family of musical shows 78 Ob/Min (78 RPM), Krasnaya Kniga (Red Book), "The Night Retro-Ether of "Echo of Moscow" and etc., Russian recording history expert and Collector, and just a Good Man Dmitry Fokin for his support of the Project on a very early stage, and for being a Russia - USA bridge for all that time;
  • Devoted Russian pre-Revolutionary records collector, Dmitry Golovko for his support of the Project, his advises, comments, and for granting digital copies of some of the most rare records from his collection to Russian Records;
  • My wife Ludmila for her help in article translating from Russian to English and vice versa, for her infinite patience, support and understanding that I have to spend nearly all spare time working on this Project;
  • all people, that I was happy to collaborate on the different stages of the Project.
I am an enthusiast of early Russian records. Mainly pre 1917 records produced or recorded in Russia, but also records from other countries with Russian music, Russian interpreters, composers, and Russian language, including records from the culture of emigrants of the first half of the 20th century.
Therefore I maintain to present my collection to others. It is open for other enthusiasts and absolutely non-commercial.
If you are interested in the theme, you are welcome here. If you register, you have to chose a user name and state your e-mail address (which is visible only for other registered persons) at least. If you do so, you will be able to add your own records, write comments and post messages on our forum.
You have to hold certain rules as usual between humans: friendliness, fairness, no racism, no sexism. Please also get familiar with Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. There are no other obligations.
If you wish or to stop your registration at any time.
I am free to delete texts and files that do not correspond with these rules or to stop a registration. I do not have to say the reason.

Yuri Bernikov 2006 - 2021
USA - Russia

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