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Don Cossack Chorus Serge Jaroff

Gleb Shandrovky

Basso profundo Gleb Shandrovky

Basso profundo Gleb Shandrovky was born and reared in Ukrainia, Southern Russia, and began his career on the Ukrainian stage. In 1919 he was sent abroad by the Ukrainian department of education and fine arts, to represent Ukrainian art. He sang with great success in all the principal cities of Europe.

In 1922 Gleb Shandrovkyy made his first appearance on the American stage and continued to sing as principal artis for various theatrical companies, occasionally giving his own concerts. In the summer of 1926, Shandrovsky was engaged by the Philadelphia Sesqui-Centennial exposition to appear as principal artist in the treat choral spectacle, »Freedom«, in which he distinguished himself as »Ukrainia's famous basso-profundo«. Soon after the Sesquicentennial Exposition was closed, Chadrovsky was engaged by Prof. Alexander Koshetz as principal singer to sing with his famous Ukrainian Chorus, which made a sensation in Europe and in America. Later Shandrovsky sang with the Ukrainian chorus in all the principal cities of the United States, includiing fifteen weeks at Grauman's Egyptian Theater in the prologue to »Old Ironsides«.With the opening of Grauman's Chinese Theater he was engaged by Grauman to appear in his prologue to Cecil B. De Mille's »King of Kings« in the role of high priest.

Later on, Gleb became a member of the Don Cossacks. He was reportet in the Tokyo newpaper »Mainichi« as beeing the luckiest member in the group. While in the Hotel Funaya in Matasuka City, Japan, he occupied a five-room suite and slept in the same bed in which the Emperor Hirohito rested while staying at the hot spring resort. While on the tour, Gleb, along with other Don Cossacks, laid flowers on the memorial tomb for the victims of the Hiroshima A-bombing. After leaving the Orient, the Cossacks spent ten weeks touring Australia and New Zealand before starting back to the U.S. On the trip home they stopped at Honolulu for a few concerts. Gleb was said to have the most profound basso voice in America.

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