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There is almost no information about label "Russia in Phonograph Records". The only known at the moment information is in the Un-American Activities Committee reports [source]: ...Serge de Touloff is the manager of "The World In Music" at 1119 North Hicks Avenue, in Los Angeles. "Russia in Phonograph Records" is featured on de Touloff's advertisement. The Russian records were formerly offered for sale in the lobby of the Grand and Esquire Theatres in Los Angeles. This information is crossed off of de Touloff's card...
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Monotonously rings the little bell (Однозвучно гремит колокольчик), folk song (K. Sidorovich, arr. Alexander Svechnikov, lyrics by Ivan Makarov)
State Russian Folk Choir, Conductor Alexander Svechnikov, Solo by V. V. Butov1943
Russia in Phonograph Records, Gramplasttrest (wartime numbering)428
russianwoman choir
Oh, I blamed my fate (Ой, ругала я судьбу), song (Vladimir Zakharov, lyrics by Mikhail Isakovsky)
M.E. Pyatnitsky State Russian Folk Choir, Conductor Vladimir Zakharov, Petr Kazmin, Solo by Nadezhda Grechukhina1943
Russia in Phonograph Records, Gramplasttrest (wartime numbering)297

I do not know how this is possible (Не знаю, как это возможно), gypsy romance (Lev Drizo)
Yury Morfessi, acc. Sergey Golitsyn, I. Onchik (piano, violin)Russia in Phonograph Records, Odeon-RecordA 207531 b
(Ro 1207)

My Mother Loved Me (Любила меня мать), folk (town) song
Yury MorfessiRussia in Phonograph Records

russianbaritone with orchestra
Country Carriage (Шарабан), gypsy song (M. Michelle, lyrics by Peter Zelinsky)
Yuri Morfessi10-1929...03-1930?Russia in Phonograph Records, Syrena-Electro20472’ (?)

russianbaritone with piano
You are 19 years old (Вам 19 лет), gypsy romance (Boris Prozorovsky, lyrics by E.Belogorskaya)
Yuri Morfessi, acc. prince Sergei Golitsyn (piano) (?)10-1929...03-1930
Russia in Phonograph Records, Syrena-Electro20505

russianfolk choir
Oh, a young girl wandered (Ой, да уж ходила девчоночка), folk song
M. E. Pyatnitsky Russian folk choir, Conductor Petr Kazmin, Vladimir Zakharov, Solo by Marie Fomina1938
Russia in Phonograph Records, Gramplasttrest and major plants6364

russianmixed choir
Zhiguli (Volga ditties) (Жигули (Волжские частушки)) (arr. Alexander Sveshnikov)
chorus of Leningrad state academic cappella, Conductor Alexander Sveshnikov1938
Russia in Phonograph Records, Gramplasttrest and major plants6787

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