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Australian Record Company (A. R. C.) (0)
The Australian Record Company (A. R. C.) was a Sydney based recording company that existed as an independent entity from September 1938 to 1960 (in October 1953, it was transformed from a privately held (proprietary) company (Pty. Ltd.) into a public one), then acquired by CBS, which, in turn, was acquired by Sony in 1991. The name Australian Record Company was in use until October 16, 1977.

The company had several own labels and also produced records for several small independent... [more]
Bandura (2)
Bellaccord (Australia) (2)
Предварительный список этой серии (в основном данные из канадской рекламы):

1 Vēl Tu rozes plūc / a) Mātes gars; b) Mana laime — Prof. Pauls Sakss
2 Šūpļa dziesma (V. Mocarts) / Šūpļa dziesma (J. Brāmss) — Prof. Pauls Sakss
3 Kulies pati, kungu rija (tautas dziesma) / Bandinieka rudzi auga (tautas dziesma) — Jānis Niedra
4 Eleģija (Masnē) / Mana saule (O sole mio) — Arturs Priednieks-Kavara... [more]
Carinia (16)
Carinia Co. Pty. Ltd. - a Sydney-based recording company, specializing in re-issues of European music, first of all Polish. Founded in 1952 by Michael (Mieczyslaw) and Nathalie Kulakowski, Polish refugees. The company was named after an aboriginal word meaning 'home'. Carinia was issuing both 78 rpm records and EPs/LPs. As for 1977, it was the largest privately owned record company of Australia. Operated at least until 1988. The company had its own orchestra (under Stefan Bialoguski) and a radio program. Some records show participation of E. M. I. Sales & Services Ltd.... [more]
Cosmopolitan (10)
Cosmopolitan is the main label of Anatolij Mirosznyk, Ukrainian Australian composer and pianist. His Cosmopolitan Record Co. operated in the 1950s and had released about one hundred records, mostly performed by Ukrainian and Russian artists who came to Australia after the WWII as displaced persons.

Series of the records (continued from the original label Olympia) are R0nn (Russian) and U0nn (Ukrainian); if the label is printed entirely in Cyrillic, U0nn becomes У0nn. One or two initial characters in these indices can be (and usually was) separated by a hyphen, i.e. R0nn can also be represented as R-0nn or R0-nn... [more]
EMI (Australia) (0)
The actual manufacturer of records for most small companies in Australia, including Carinia, Universal, Souvenir, as well as the Australian versions of Bellaccord and partially Polonia.
Olympia (6)
Olympia was the first label of Anatolij Mirosznyk's recording companies (Olympia Record Co. was founded in 1951). Soon the name was changed to Cosmopolitan Record Co., and Olympia records were reissued under the new label as well. For more info, see Cosmopolitan section and

--Mike G. Jurkevich
Radio Centre (6)
RC records (Radio Centre, 28 Darlinghurst rd, Kings Cross, Sydney) was the label of Erwin and Leo Edel. Issued at least 8 Jewish and Russian recordings on EMI.

--Mike G. Jurkevich
Souvenir (2)
Spring (0)
Universal (7)
"Universal" is an Australian recording label with Slavic repertoire (Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Macedonian). Existed in 1950s. Produced more than fifty 78 rpm records and about twenty LPs on 33⅓ and ten EPs on 45 RPM. Initial releases were just copies of foreign material, later some original recordings appeared as well.

--Mike G. Jurkevich
Zoria (2)

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