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Leningrad City Cinema [Hits: 3941]
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The company was founded in the summer of 1936 as a result of the division of Lenkino into two branches: Lenoblkino and Lengorkino.
--Roman Pantelius
Leningrad City Cinema (Lengorkino)(past-1940) (11)
Past-1940 numbering
Leningrad City Cinema (Lengorkino)(pre-1940) (84)
Pre-1940 numbering
Sleeves (2)
Cover of a plate of Lengorkino (Конверт пластинки Ленгоркино) (Zonofon)
Cover of a plate of Lengorkino ... (Zonofon)


Lengorkino (Ленгоркино) (Yuru SPb)
Lengorkino (Ленгоркино) (Yuru SPb)



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