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The State Association of the Gramophone Industry Enterprises of the RSFSR Grammoplastinka was established in February 1922 under the Directorate of Supply of the People's Commissariat of Education / Gosprosnab NKP / on the basis of the former department Sovetskaya plastinka (The Soviet Record) of the Central Administration of Registration, Allocation and Distribution of Printed Matter (Centropechat).

The association included the following factories:

1. The former "PATE" Brothers / Moscow, Bakhmetevskaya /;
2. The former "Pishushchiy Amur" English Joint Stock company "Gramophone" / Moscow, Schipok str/;
3. Former United Factories association, which included:
- "Russian Joint Stock Company of Gramophones"
- "Metropol-Record"
- "Syrena",
- "Stella",
- "Zvukopis" / Aprelevka station.

By the end of 1922 the equipment of all factories was transported to the former factory of " PATE Brothers", which was renamed on "Piatiletie Octiabria" (Five Years of October).

In February 1923, the association "Grammoplastinka" was abolished with the transfer of all business to the factory "Piatiletie Octiabria" of Gosprossnab NKP.

Recordings of new records in the second half of 1921 and the whole of 1922 were not made due to lack of funds. During this period they pressed records from the former years, mostly the pre-revolutionary ones. The resumption of production of new recordings on phonograph started at the beginning of 1923. In contrast to the records made by the Sovetskaya plastinka department of Centropechat / in 1919-1921. /, in 1923 they introduced a new matrices numeration system that started from No. 1000.(editorial note "Gosprossnab NKP (own recordings)"). Production of records with the new numeration system were continued to made untill the end of 1923 untill it was terminated due to the transfer of the "Piatiletie Octiabria" factory to the State Union Muzpred in early 1924.
Evgeni Paskudski. Short historical essay from the reconstruction of Grammoplastinka catalog 1923

Grammoplastinka (etched) (7)
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TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
Label(s)Order No
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RussianAccordion Orchestra
Barynya (), folk dance
Ivan Solovyev, Grigory Bruev, OloninGrammoplastinka (etched), Stella Record151
Russian, PolishAccordion Duet
Krakowiak (), dance
Ivan Soloviev and Grigory BrujevMoscowGrammoplastinka (etched), Stella Record152
Ukrainian, RussianAccordion Duet
Beloved one (), folk dance
Ivan Soloviev and Grigory BrujevGrammoplastinka (etched), Stella Record152
RussianAccordion Duet
In a Garden, in an Orchard Garden ( ), folk song
Ivan Solovyev and Grigory BruevMoscowGrammoplastinka (etched), Stella Record153
RussianAccordion Duet
The Tunes of Saratov ( ), folk dance
Ivan Solovyev, Grigory Bruev, Conductor Grigory BruevMoscowGrammoplastinka (etched), Stella Record153
RussianChoir with Accordion Band
Down the Mother Volga River ( , ), folk song
Chorus, acc. accordion band, Conductor Semen Sadovnikov, Solo by accordion I.I.Solovyev2-12-1913
Grammoplastinka (paper), Gramophone Co.395
RussianChoir with Accordion Band
When I was a post office coachman ( ), folk song
Chorus, acc. accordion band, Conductor Semen Sadovnikov, Solo by accordion I.I.Solovyev3-12-1913
Grammoplastinka (paper), Gramophone Co.395
RussianContralto with Guitarss
I Have Outlived My Longing ( ), romance (Mikhail Shishkin, lyrics by Alexander Pushkin)
Varvara (Varya) Panina, acc. guitars07-1908
Grammoplastinka (paper), ZonophoneX-63592

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