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Anatoli Zhelezhny [Hits: 65356]
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There is probably no need to introduce Anatoli Ivanovich Zhelezny the author of famous book Our Friend a Record. For many collectors this book used to be, and for many people it is still the Bible the desk book No.1. It was written 20 years ago, but not for one iota lost its relevance. They refer to it, they quote it, and even RGAFD (The Russian State Archive of Sound Recordings) took the book content as a foundation for the description of its pre-revolutionary funds!

This work is well-known, but probably just a few people know that for many years Anatoli Zhelezny collaborated with famous editor of "The Record Collector" magazine James F.E. Dennis. For instance, in this issue, entirely dedicated to Leonid Vitalyevich Sobinov, James Dennis gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Anatoli Zhelezny for compiling artists discography. A.I.Zhelezny helped to Georg Moll to decipher documents from his family pre-Revolutionary archive, including materials related to "Metropol-Record" factory; helped to Scottish musicologist Derec Hulme to compile monograph "Dmitri Shostakobvich. A Catalogue, bibliography, and discography". Author dedicated it To Anatoli Ivanovich Zhelezny; helped to John R. Bennett to compile 11th volume of his "Voices Of The Past", dealing with Russian records of The Grammophone Company. For many years Anatoli Zhelezny was a music consultant at the Kiev Motion Pictures Studio, he supplied records from his collection for musical illustrations of movies. He was leading author of the Catalogue-Newsletter of Melodia firm.

Just a few days ago Anatoli Zhelezny has finished large project a collection of discographies Voices Preserved by Phonograph Record 1899-1915. It has about 240 discographies of singers, and about 50 discographies of writers, poets, and actors. We hope that this collection will see the light of day soon.

It is difficult to express in words our emotions when Anatoli Zhelezny agreed to publish on our site his materials - the results of systematization of all his old notes for the 30 years period that we are happy to offer to you now.

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