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Small phonograph company Poliakin & Sons operated from 1910 to 1914 [1]. The label began its activity in Berlin by issuing records with Russian repertoire using masters bought from German companies Stella, Beka and etc.

In the end of 1910 the company relocated to Odessa, where it built a small plant for manufacturing of phonographs and pressing of piratical records [2]. Judging by the existing copies of records, the company achieved certain perfection in the business of copying somebody elses records: on this record the own announcement is attached to the copied phonogram! One can make this conclusion after careful listening to the record: the announcement sounds indistinctly and faintly, while the orchestra sounds brightly and richly.

Supposedly, for achieving this goal they used a pantograph with attached to it mouthpiece. The process might work this way: first they started the recorder, then spoke necessary phrase into the mouthpiece, then without stopping started the playback of the original record. Since all records have more or less prolonged lead-in groove, there should be a lapse between the end of the phrase and the beginning of the actual sound this is exactly what we observe! Usually there is no such delay on the original recordings.

Using this hi-tech technology combined with social skills of Poliakin-senior explains the fact why all attempts of thieved artists to stop the illegal business ended up without success - wise Poliakin-senior befriended with local police as well as with fathers of the city, so they closed their eyes on all his pranks[3].

After passing of the Copyright Law in March 20, 1911, the company began making its own recording, mostly with folk music [2].


1. P.Grunberg. The History of Gramophone in Russia., p.176
2. A.Zheleznyj. Our Friend a Record., p.81
3. A.Tikhonov. The unknown Centennial War. From the history of musical piracy in Russia. Part 3. (in Russian)
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Poliaphone-Record (pink) (8)
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TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
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Label(s)Order No
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RussianBaritone with Piano
Prince Eletzkys aria - I love you ( - ) (Opera Queen of Spades, act 2) (Pyotr Tchaikovsky, lyrics by Modest Tchaikovsky, based on: Alexander Pushkin: The story The Queen of Spades)
Alexander Bragin, acc. pianoPoliaphone-Record (pink)
P.-R. 5480
RussianSolo with Chor
The last day ( ), folk song
Russian Folk Choir of V. Varshavsky, Conductor Vasily S. VarshavskyPoliaphone-Record (pink)
Soldier Life ( ), march
OrchestraPoliaphone-Record (red)
The Triumphal March ( ) (Opera Aida) (Giuseppe Verdi)
Poliaphone Company own OrchestraPoliaphone-Record (red)
P.-R. 5065
Russianbrass band
You Fell as the Victims (Funeral) ( ()), march song
Symphony Orchestra in BerlinPoliaphone-Record (red)
P.-R. 5001
Russianbrass band
Longing for Motherland ( ), march (F.E.Kroup, arr. V.Poliakin)
"Poliaphone" Orchestra (?)Poliaphone-Record (red)
R.P. 927
GermanBrass Orchestra
Forge in the Forest (Die Schmiede im Walde), character piece (Theodor Michaelis)
Extraphone Orchestra, Conductor I.F.SokolovSt.PetersburgPoliaphone-Record (red), Extraphone21752
R.P. 928
GermanBrass Orchestra
Mill in Schwarzwald (Die Mühle im Schwarzwald), character piece (Richard Eilenberg)
Poliaphone-Record (red)
España (), waltz (Emile Waldteufel)
Poliaphone OrchestraBerlinPoliaphone-Record (black)
Expectation (), waltz (Herold L. Kitler)
Poliaphone Company OrchestraOdessaPoliaphone-Record (red)
Russianbrass band
Longing for Motherland ( ), waltz (F.E.Kroup, arr. V.Poliakin)
"Poliaphone" Orchestra (?)OdessaPoliaphone-Record (red)
P.-R. 5000
Russianbrass band
Longing for Motherland ( ), waltz (F.E.Kroup, arr. V.Poliakin)
"Poliaphone" Orchestra (?)OdessaPoliaphone-Record (red)
Ruthenian potpourri, Part I ( (I )), medley
Poliaphone Company own OrchestraPoliaphone-Record (black)
Ruthenian potpourri, Part II ( (II )), medley
Poliaphone Company own OrchestraPoliaphone-Record (black)
French, GermanOrchestra
La Bella Lolita, waltz (Léon Vasseur, arr. Camillo Morena)
Poliaphone Company own OrchestraPoliaphone-Record (red)
Waltz () (Opera Faust) (Charles Gounod, lyrics by Jules Barbier, Michel Carre, based on: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: The tragedy Faust)
OrchestraPoliaphone-Record (three angels)
Waltz () (Opera The Geisha) (Sydney Jones)
OrchestraPoliaphone-Record (three angels)
Russian, German
Grandpa () (Klarinettenmuckel), polka
Poliaphone Company own Orchestra ?BerlinPoliaphone-Record (red)[8338]
Glowworm Idyll (Glühwürmchen-Idyll) ( "" (Glühwürmchen-Idyll)), ballroom dance (Operetta Lysistrata) (Paul Lincke, lyrics by Heinrich Bolten-Baeckers)
Poliaphone Company own OrchestraPoliaphone-Record (red)
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