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Horace Heidt (1)
Horace Heidt (May 21, 1901 – December 1, 1986) was an American pianist, big band leader, and radio and television personality. His band, Horace Heidt and his Musical Knights, toured vaudeville and performed on radio and television through the 1930s and 1940s. Source: Wikipedia
Igor Seifert (2)
Looks like personal label of Igor Seifert
Comic (2)
Personal label of Stanislav F. Sarmatov
Maria Record (2)
In 1907 «Beka-Record» issued several records with «Maria-Record» label. Probably, they were made by order of Benois family. Only soloist of Marijinsky Theater in St. Petersburg Maria Nikolayevna Kuznetsova-Benois (1880-1966) was ever recorded on them. The labels were decorated with her photograph, but information about manufacturer was missing. Their origination from «Beka-Record» can be with great degree of certainty established by matching graphic styles of the matrix... [more]
Marusia Sava (13)
Marusia Sava's personal Label
Natacha Kedrova (2)
Nicholas Donzoff (2)
Personal label of Nicholas Donzoff
Russia (2)
Tanagra (4)
Это на данный момент единственная компания на нашем сайте, представленная только долгоиграющими пластинками. Полное название Tanagra Recording Company. Всё, что о ней известно, это то, что она размещалась по адресу: 30 Church Street, Room 343, New York (буквально через улицу от бывших небоскрёбов – близнецов). Известно всего две пластинки, обе выдающегося исполнителя романсов – Георгия (Жоржа) Северского... [more]
Tour De Fox (8)
Looks like personal label of Alexander Vertinsky
Ukrainian Bandurists Chorus (11)
Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus used personal labels for its recordings (made by RCA Victor facilities in the U.S. and Canada). The design varies for each album:

Set #1 (Detroit, 1950): six 12" records, dirigent H. Kytasty.... [more]
Ukrainian Operatic Ensemble (7)

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