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Neographon (red, "noiseless") [Hits: 2020]  Discuss on forum [0]

Song of the Golden Calf (Песенка Мефистофеля о золотом тельце) (Le veau d’or) (Opera «Faust», act 2) (bernikov)
Song of the Golden Calf (Песенка ... (bernikov)
Neographon (red, "noiseless")


The nightingale, Op 60 No 4 ... (andrew-64)
Neographon (red, "noiseless")


Nochenka (Night) (Ноченька), folk song (Bodo)
Nochenka (Night) (Ноченька), ... (Bodo)
Neographon (red, "noiseless")


Forgotten tender kissings (Забыты нежные лобзанья), gypsy romance (Shaquille)
Forgotten tender kissings ... (Shaquille)
Neographon (red, "noiseless")


Ah, this look (Ах, этот взор), gypsy romance (parsifal)
Ah, this look (Ах, этот взор), ... (parsifal)
Neographon (red, "noiseless")


[ru]Ария Бойто (Dai campi, dai prati)[en] (Opera «Mefistofele») (Svetoslav)
[ru]Ария Бойто (Dai campi, dai ... (Svetoslav)
Neographon (red, "noiseless")



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