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Young Peoples Records [Hits: 12559]
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That what they say about themselves:

The YOUNG PEOPLES RECORDS represents something brand new in the field of record making.

For the first time, the integrated approach to the musical development of young children is offered for home use on durable plastic records. This approach has been worked out by leading progressive educators and musicians – and is today contained in the curricula of the best private and public schools in the country.

Sponsored and actively guided by a distinguished Board of Educators, the YOUNG PEOPLES RECORDS CLUB brings you records produced for children. Every scheduled recording is pretested with hundreds of children – and must meet the criteria:

1. Entertains the child and holds his interest
2. Musically sound for his age group
3. Stimulates creative activity
4. Provides satisfactory emotional and educational experience at child’s own level of development

Club members are divided into two groups: preschool age group and elementary school age group. The monthly record release your child receives will be based on his own age group, thus making it possible to continue progressively your child’s musical development for many years to come.

The goal of the YOUNG PEOPLES RECORDS CLUB is to carry forward with America’s children the musical heritage of their culture – and to bring to them, in a way they can enjoy and understood, the best music of the world.

YOUNG PEOPLES RECORDS CLUB DEPT.P, 40 West 46th street, New York 19, N.Y.
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(YPR 405A)
1. Christmas Carol, 2. I Danced with Mosquito, 3. Round Dance (1. Рождественская коляда, 2. Я с комариком плясала, 3. Хороводная) (Anatoly Lyadov)
Orchestra, Conductor Max GobermanYoung Peoples Records405
(YPR 405B)
1. Cradle Song, 2. Village Dance (1. Колыбельная, 2. Деревенская плясовая) (Anatoly Lyadov)
Orchestra, Conductor Max GobermanYoung Peoples Records405
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