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Sleeves, Catalogues, Books, News Papares, Magazines, Posters, and etc.
Fliers (26)
News Papers (395)
Magazines (243)
 The Gramophone and Phonograph ...
Catalogs (14)
Books (159)
Sleeves (159)
 Agafurov Brothers ...
Concert Programs (29)
Libretto (11)
 Burhard Libretto
Stamps (3)
Scores (396)
Posters (2)
Large size posters can be posted in PDF format
Label and sleeves designs (14)
and billet labels
Post Cards (53)
Photos of the artists please upload in "Portrait Gallery"
Advertisements (55)
Piano Rolls (10)
Perforated rolls of paper for Pianolas
Photos (23)
Photos of the artists please upload in "Portrait Gallery"
Writings (7)
on records and sleeves
Letters (7)
Artifacts (17)
Catalogs and libretto (1)
The poster of the jubilee concert of A.Davydov 1924г (Афиша юбилейного концерта А.М.Давыдова 1924г) (nezhdan)
The poster of the jubilee ... new



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