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Cover | AGP21 |  | 19.09.2007 09:04   
Recording Amour
If I manage to borrow this catalog from the owner I'll try to scan it if anybody needs it. (translated from Russian)
It's a wind bows the treebranch | bernikov |  | 17.09.2007 17:43   
Find two typos on this label!
Libretto "Zonophone", 101-200 | bernikov |  | 15.09.2007 14:47   
I am glad that our work is needed!
After finishing Zonophone we are going to resume scanning Gramophone libretto. It also has a lot of interesting information, unfortunately there are no catalog numbers nor performers.
Elegy (A serene moonlit night) | bernikov |  | 15.09.2007 14:25   
Chaliapin's first recordings
The date of recording 572x 577x matrixes is taken from Alan Kellys catalogue. BTW, your fellow-countryman A.I.Zheleznyj came to the same conclusion in his research. There is a whole chapter dedicated to this theme in his book Our Friend a Record. The notes of a Collector.
Elegy (A serene moonlit night) | xprmental |  | 14.09.2007 22:18   
most likely this record was recorded in 1901...

V.Janin, P.Grunberg "Voice and Time"
I.Boyarskij "Grammophone Rexords of F.I.Chaliapin"
Libretto "Zonophone", 101-200 | vyalceva |  | 14.09.2007 20:10   
, , ...
Longing for home | bernikov |  | 30.08.2007 19:53   
Restoration comment
Unfortunately, the outermost grooves are damaged to the extent that nothing but noise can be played back. Fortunately, almost all recorded marches, including this one, have repeating fragments. I was able to substitute the beginning with practically identical fragment taken from the middle. The replacement even exceeds the original because it overlaps a few false notes probably during recording there was a fluctuation of the rotation speed of the disc.
Longing for home | bernikov |  | 30.08.2007 18:28   
This is a special issue designated for Spanish-speaking market.
Unfortunately, there are many mistakes on the labels of both sides. On this label mistakenly indicated, that this is German Harmonica recorded in Hannover. In reality this is a recording of Russian Harmony Orchestra of W.Warshavski. made in Moscow in July, 27 1908. The hint is the matrix number that is well aligned with the rest recordings of Harmony Orchestra shown in the 1910 Year Catalogue. On the reverse side label incorrectly indicated the date of recording 27-07-1911 (in encrypted format read here about decrypting sorry, only in Russian now). The year should be 1908 the same as on the opposite side.
Disenchantment, Op 65 No 2 | venlaw |  | 29.07.2007 20:31   
Yes , this is the second take for this title .
So far as I am aware , no copy of the first take has turned up .
This item was recorded at the same session as 22891 Nochenka matrix 621x and 22892 Life for the Tsar matrix 622x .
Disenchantment, Op 65 No 2 | bernikov |  | 29.07.2007 15:20   
It looks like a case of rerecording. The first time "Disenchantment" was recorded in January, 1901 along with five other titles and had matrix number 576x that is in the range of numbers 572x - 577x that were made at this session. For some reasons recording had been repeated in February and received matrix number 623x.
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