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Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)

It looks like a case of rerecording. The first time "Disenchantment" was recorded in January, 1901 along with five other titles and had matrix number 576x that is in the range of numbers 572x - 577x that were made at this session. For some reasons recording had been repeated in February and received matrix number 623x.
  29.07.2007 15:20
Concert (Angel) | Disenchantment, Op 65 No 2 (, . 65 2) (breslin)  
Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)

The Official Web Site of Jascha Heifetz
  20.07.2007 19:11
Zwukopis (rhombus-shape) | Memory () (Gogacz)  

... - ""
  19.07.2007 13:36
E.Berliner Gramophone | Go Away! (), romance (Third Party)  
Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)

Well, on the RAOG labels the girl is staring right at you,
while on the Metropol labels she probably checks with her scores
  19.07.2007 02:46
Metropol (diva) | Strophes - O, sadness and longing ( - , ) (Opera Nero, act 2) (breslin)  
Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)

It looks like reissue of the original "Gramophone" record made in post-revolutional time
The argument is the fact that in the title they used modern spelling adopted right after the October Revolution in December, 1917
  19.07.2007 02:09
Soviet with anonymous pre-revolutional labels | Air des clochettes - Où va la jeune hindoue ( ) (Opera Lakmé, act 2) ()  
bill breslin (venlaw)

RAOG and Metropol labels .
This label is almost identical to two RAOG labels posted by Venlaw recently .
  18.07.2007 15:52
Metropol (diva) | Strophes - O, sadness and longing ( - , ) (Opera Nero, act 2) (breslin)  
Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)

Initials .. on the Trade Mark
apparently belongs to selling agent K.G.Sharlakh that was hired by the director of International Zonophone Company in Europe for marketing Zonophone records and machines manufactured by the Berlin factory. Following is the extract from Gramophone and Phonograph magazine 9-12, 4-25 March of 1903: K.G.Sharlakh for 12 years used to sell metal goods in Petersburg. In 1901 he signed a contact with Zonophone director in Berlin Mr.Prescott and became the sole representative of Zonophone in Russia.
  17.07.2007 02:35
Plastinka Zonophona | Mmlle. Nitouche (- ) (Operetta Mmlle. Nitouche) (breslin)  
Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)

It is extremely rare record, one of five Vialtzeva records made for early Zonopnone
The full list was published by Robert Bauer in his "New Catalogue of Historical Records, 1898-1908/09", London, 1947, p.452. and also by Ernie Bayly and Michæl S. Kinnear in their "A Discography of recordings produced by the International Zonophone Company and associated companies in Europe and the Americas, 1901-1903".
  17.07.2007 02:22
Plastinka Zonophona | La Perichole () (Operetta La Perichole) (breslin)  
Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)

It looks like this is a piratical copy of the Grammophone record 2-22654
On the top of everything the tile is misspelled: "" instead of "B"
  11.07.2007 21:34
Tonophone (Red) | Princes cavatina - Everything here reminds me of the past ( - ) (Opera Rusalka, act 3) (breslin)  
Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)

George W. Johnson
The Laughing Coon

Away down south, where I was born,
We used to hoe and weed that corn...
Always low, walking slow,
ha-ha-ha do you hear me now?

It looks like the song is about happiness of releasing from slavery (Johnson was born in slavery on a plantation in Virginia in 1850)...

George W. Johnson was one of the first African American Recording Star. He also regarded as the 2nd person ever to record a song for popular listening cylinders in 1888. They say that it was Thomas A. Edison himself who invited him to record his first wax phonograph cylinder for a fee of twenty cents per 2 minute. The recording went well, and in 1890 Johnson began recording regularly for various companies in the New York and New Jersey area.

His hits were The Whistling Coon and the Laughing Coon. In the earliest days of the recording industry, every record was a "master". A strong voiced singer could make a maximum of 5 records at once, as 5 machines with their recording horns pointed towards the singer's mouth were started at the same time. By 1894, Johnson was reported to have sold over 25,000 records recorded this way. He would sometimes sing the same song over and over again in the recording studio fifty or more times a day.

Johnson made his first disc records in 1895 for Berliner Gramophone. In addition to Berliner, Edison Records, and Columbia, and somewhat later the Victor Talking Machine Company,

This record is the vivid proof that Johnson also recorded for Zonophone, we just need to find out the date of recording

Additional information on Wikipedia: George Washington Johnson (musician).
  05.07.2007 14:56
Zon-o-phone Record (etched) | Laughing Coon (Golovko)  
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