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Wandering Miller ( ( - Das Wandern)), romance (Song cycle Die schöne Müllerin)



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Label Transcription:

Gold fundPre-Revolutionary recordings 
Na melnitze,
romans, muz. SHuberta, isp.
Mirror Transcription: -2573- Reverse side
Original matrix: Metropol-Record #
Label Catalog No Mx/Ctr No Take Order No Censorial No Additional information
MuzTrust (general list) > (general list) red 2573 -2573- 17092 Reissue (original matrix)
Reverse Side 2574 -1355- // //
Pre-revolutionary > Metropol-Record Original matrix
Title Name: Wandering Miller
Language(s) or Ethnics: german, russian | Genre (Music Category): Romance
Artist(s): Mieczyslaw Vorotynsky
Composer, Larger Composition Name: Franz Schubert: Song cycle Die schöne Müllerin
Lyrics By: Wilhelm Müller;
Accompaniment Type: Piano
Bandmaster or conductor:
Recording Place: Moscow | Recording Date: 1912
Transfer speed: 78 RPM
Record size: 25 cm | Label size: 90 mm
Additional keywords:  
Label file size: 392.3 KB | 1199x1199 px | Size of file MP3: 6.0 MB | 2:38 | 320 kbps x 44.1 kHz
Hits: 1453 | Label downloads: 14 | Audio downloads: 26
Added by: TheThirdPartyFiles | 04.03.2012 16:56 | Last updated by:  bernikov | 10.08.2015 02:50
10.00 (1 votes)
Artistic value: 10.00 (1 votes)
ollectable value: 10.00 (1 votes)
Label quality: 10.00 (1 votes)
Audio quality: 10.00 (1 votes)
Author Comment
Sovetskaya ili dorevolyutzionnaya?
Nomer matritzy u etoi plastinki sovetsky.
Ne mozhet li vse-taki zdes okazatsya dorevolyutzionnaya matritza?
Vorotynsky zapisyvalsya na Russkom aktzionernom.
  05.03.2012 06:41
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Comments: 494
Join Date: 03.07.2009
I saw a Muztrest record by him years ago and had the same question. I still do not have an answer. But I would now say, listening to this, that it is pre-revolutionary. The sound is far too clear- the Soviet recording equipment had obvious faults. The -2573- is a late example of the numbering started around 1926, that was applied (though not always present in the mirror) to all recordings, pre-revolutionary, Soviet acoustic and the first electrics.

Of course, there are several generations of metal electrotypes between the original wax and the final stamper, and the earlier ones do not have stamped matrix numbers, which were added to a later generation. If they were working from a generation with no stamped numbers, the Soviet firms did not add them, but stamped their own numbers.

My best guess is that this is a pre-revolutionary matrix of unknown (to me) source, that was prepared for reissue late in the acoustic period.
  05.03.2012 11:39
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Comments: 783
Join Date: 10.11.2008
Eta storona upominaetsya v obzore fonda "Metropol-rekord" RGAFD:
  07.03.2012 21:13
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Veroyatno ochen, dorevolyutzionnaya
Mnogo soobrazheny, chto v samom dele dorevolyutzionnaya.
Somneny ne ostaetsya.
S tochki zreniya akademicheskoi istoricheskoi nauki nado dokazat, chto Vorotynsky zapisyval Na melnitze tolko odin raz na odnoi firme i iz sravneniya na slukh ustanovit, chto Muztrest ispolzoval imenno etot variant zapisi Metropol-Rekorda.
  08.03.2012 12:06
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Re: Veroyatno ochen, dorevolyutzionnaya
yvsh wrote:
i iz sravneniya na slukh ustanovit

Navernoe, Vy khoteli skazat "ili"
  08.03.2012 13:39
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Comments: 1610
Join Date: 03.01.2012
Moe mnenie - eto dorevolyutzionnaya matritza. Pozzhe vylozhu zvuk k gigantu Metropolya "Stzena u tzerkvi". Tam kak raz Vorotynsky poet. Mozhno budet sravnit po kharakteru zvuka. Pravda sostoyanie diska ostavlyaet zhelat luchshego, nedavno udalos ego khotya by vypryamit.
  11.03.2012 19:55
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Comments: 1365
Join Date: 15.06.2014
Mechislav Valerianovich
Zapis 1912 goda
  08.08.2015 18:48
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Comments: 1365
Join Date: 15.06.2014
doslovnyi perevod- Peshekhodnye progulki
  16.06.2017 14:11
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