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Stay (Останься), song



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Base fundForeign recordings 
columbia graphophone compahy ltd.
8-11 great castle
Made in Great Britain

Из коллекции Валерия Кеменова (Запорожье)
Mirror Transcription:  
Additional information: Made by "Golden Dog" underground artel run by Ruslan Bogoslovsky and Boris Taigin. Leningrad, 1950s.
Original matrix: Columbia Record # WHR 446-2
Label Catalog No Mx/Ctr No Take Order No Censorial No Additional information
Experimental production > Leningrad - Zolotaya Sobaka Copied or re-recorded matrix
Single-sided record
Pre-revolutionary > Columbia Record DC 234 WHR 446 2 DC 234 Original matrix
Leningrad - LEF > LEF (3nd numbering) 143 143 First reissue (copied or re-recorded matrix) Base fund
Columbia Record > Columbia (European) DC 234 WHR 446 2 DC 234 Reissue (original matrix) Base fund
Columbia Record > Columbia (European) DV 1594 WHR 446 2 DV 1594 Original matrix Base fund
Title Name: Stay
Language(s) or Ethnics: russian | Catalog category: Baritone with Dance Orchestra | Genre (Music Category): Song
Artist(s): Petr Leshenko
Composer: Ernst Hoenigsberg
Lyrics By: Peter Lestchenko
Accompaniment Type: dance orchestra
Bandmaster or conductor: Ernst Hoenigsberg
Recording Place: Vienna | Recording Date: 1933
Transfer speed:
Record size: 23 cm
Additional keywords:  
File size: 1.1 MB | 2210x2156 px
Hits: 11188 | Downloads: 95
Added by: kemenov | 22.12.2012 13:50 | Last updated by:  bernikov | 28.07.2020 01:03
Artistic value: 0.00 (0 votes)
Сollectable value: 0.00 (0 votes)
Label quality: 0.00 (0 votes)
Author Comment
Yury Shmyrkov (yvsh)
О плагиате со всей строгостью
Вероятно, здесь имеет место случай "оборзелого" плагиата.
Если есть другое объяснение, не связанное с плагиатом, хотелось бы с ним ознакомиться.
Берем песню "Останься".
Вторая тема, начинающаяся со слова "Останься".
Эта вторая тема с огромной точностью нота в ноту представляет собой тему песни Tomorrow I'll Dream And Remember, которую в декабре 1953 года записала Rosemary Clooney, пластинка Columbia 40187.
В качестве авторов на пластинке 40187 указаны Tysh-Stahl, эти имена не относятся к числу сколько-нибудь известных.
Где здесь первоисточник и где плагиат?
Издавалась ли "Останься" в США на красной Колумбии?
Возможно, Rosemary Clooney присутствует где-то в интернете.
Если нет, могу оцифровать и дать ссылку.
  10.04.2012 05:45
Offline User profile of  
Роман Пантелюс (Plastmass)
Почему видимо?, это и есть "Золотая собака"!
  23.12.2012 07:36
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Adrian Hindle-Briscall (Adrian)

Comments: 532
Join Date: 03.07.2009
I was fooled by this for a second. It seemed that UK Columbia, who never made picture discs, made a picture disc. Using what seemed to be a US c. 1918 style of the word COLUMBIA, and giving an address that wasn't theirs.

But even before I saw ''Underground Production' I should have spotted the errors. like COMPAHY for COMPANY. I find these records fascinating.
  23.12.2012 23:24
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Роман Пантелюс (Plastmass)
After all this illegal production of times of an official ban in the USSR on similar repertoire. Successfully copied design of a disk of Columbia firm and looked through that were mistaken in writing of one letter, and so there would be a quite good imitation.
  24.12.2012 17:19
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Adrian Hindle-Briscall (Adrian)

Comments: 532
Join Date: 03.07.2009
I would say that this is an imaginary design, using elements from a label like this one. It's not a successful imitation because the makers have made a completely new design. But that's part of the interest for me.
  24.12.2012 22:08
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Валерий Кеменов (kemenov)
Мученики от искусства
I think that we must say thank you gentlemen of underground artel "Golden Dog" for their music art love
They were prisoned for that by the way.
  25.12.2012 07:24
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