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There Is A Tavern In The Town, song



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Label Transcription:

Base fundSoviet recordings 
Американская солдатская песня
муз. и сл. Вильяма Хильса
Краснознам. анс. СССР п.у.
А .В. Александрова
Mirror Transcription: 12752/4 Г-1178
Original matrix: Gramplasttrest and ... # 12752
Label Catalog No Mx/Ctr No Take Order No Censorial No Additional information
Gramplasttrest and ... > Aprelevka Plant 12752 12752 ГРК-1178Reissue (original matrix)
Reverse Side 12751 12751 Г 865
Soviet records > Gramplasttrest and successors 12752 12752 ГРК-1178 Base fund
Gramplasttrest and ... > Aprelevka Plant 12752 12752 ГРК-1178 Base fund
Gramplasttrest and ... > Aprelevka Plant 12752 12752 Г 1178First edition?? Base fund
Leningrad - Plastmass ... > Leningrad - Sverdlov District Factory 12752 12752 ЛРК 73Reissue (original matrix) Base fund
Leningrad - Plastmass ... > Leningrad Plastics Plant (Clodt horse) 12752 12752 ЛРК 67Reissue (original matrix) Base fund
Title Name: There Is A Tavern In The Town
Language(s) or Ethnics: english, american | Catalog category: Male Choir with Orchestra | Genre (Music Category): Song
Artist(s): Red Banner Song and Dance Ensemble
Composer: William H. Hills
Lyrics By: William H. Hills
Accompaniment Type:
Bandmaster or conductor: Alexander Alexandrov | Solo artist: Oleg Razumovsky
Recording Place: Moscow | Recording Date: 03-1945...05-1945
Transfer speed:
Record size: 25 cm | Label size: 80 mm
Additional keywords:  
File size: 301.0 KB | 1233x1543 px
Hits: 1001 | Downloads: 7
Added by: Zonofon | 16.09.2013 15:18 | Last updated by:  bernikov | 06.10.2013 18:54
Artistic value: 0.00 (0 votes)
Сollectable value: 0.00 (0 votes)
Label quality: 0.00 (0 votes)
Author Comment
Тиражировалась только летом 1945 года.
  03.07.2011 19:03
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Comments: 495
Join Date: 03.07.2009
There Is A Tavern In The Town

I was surprised to see this as an American song as it's very well known in Britain. This link gives some info on its origin
  03.07.2011 19:46
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Re: There Is A Tavern In The Town
Thank you Adrian! I added English ethnics as well as English titles
  03.07.2011 20:03
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Yuru SPb

Comments: 736
Join Date: 04.03.2010
stavitsky wrote:
Тиражировалась только летом 1945 года.

На ленинградской фабрике "Пластмасс" эта вещь выходила до начала 1946 года.
  04.07.2011 14:58
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Emil Pick

Comments: 33
Join Date: 09.10.2011
Ну --- это LOL... или РЖУНИМАХххГУ !

Такой хороший сАвейский хор... и самой Армии... да так морально разложиться! Где тут солдат, какой такой амЭрикЭнский солдат, если песня (очень старая) про алкоголиков? Пьяницы, то бишь, моральные уроды только и могли такую песню петь:

There is a tavern in the town, in the town,
And there my dear love sits him down, sits him down,
And drinks his wine 'mid laughter free,
And never, never thinks of me.

Fare thee well, for I must leave thee,
Do not let the parting grieve thee,
And remember that the best of friends must part, must part
Adieu, adieu, kind friends adieu, adieu, adieu,
I can no longer stay with you, stay with you,
I'll hang my harp on a weeping willow tree,
And may the world go well with thee.

He left me for a damsel dark, damsel dark,
Each Friday night they used to spark, used to spark,
And now my love once true to me,
Takes that dark damsel on his knee.

Oh! dig my grave both wide and deep, wide and deep,
Put tombstones at my head and feet, head and feet,
And on my breast carve a turtle dove,
To signify I died of love.

Неисповедимы пути... ГЛАВЛИТА.
  25.01.2012 14:07
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Comments: 41
Join Date: 06.02.2013
все ленинградские туристы пели эту песню в походах до начала 60-х годов.deduschka.18.03.2013.
  18.03.2013 12:24
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