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Finding Dzhulynka (В поисках Джулинки)

Finding Dzhulynka (В поисках Джулинки)
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A Family's Search in Another Place, for Another Time

The documentary film "Finding Dzhulynka" follows an American family back to Russia and the Ukraine, as they make a pilgrimage to the homeland their father lost to war and revolution.

In the winter of 1916, just a few weeks before the Tsar was driven from power, Vladimir Rosing escaped Russia. He gained a lifetime of freedom, but was denied his beloved family, his inheritance, and his country forever.

Rosing forged a new life in England and America, building a long, distinguished international career as an opera singer and recording artist, but he never forgot the people and places he loved so much. Vladimir never knew what befell them behind the silent terror of Stalin's Russia.

In September 2001, in the horrific shadow of another momentous world event, Rosing's descendants arrive in St. Petersburg to try solving the eighty-five year old mystery of what happened to Vladimir's family.

As they explore the city, they experience a deep resonance with their family's past, discovering that place itself has a surprising power to connect.

Journeying south to the wheat fields of the Ukraine, they look for remnants of their family's country estate, a place where the Rosings had spent so many happy summers.

In a peaceful spot, near the small village of Dzhulynka, what they find is more than a memory -- and nothing less than a miracle...

The soundtrack of "Finding Dzhulynka" features a number of rare recordings by the famous Russian tenor, Vladimir Rosing.

Dream on the Volga (Arensky)
Haida Troika (Folk Song)
The Sea (Borodin)
The Nightingale and the Rose (Rimsky-Korsakov)
Snowflakes (Grechaninov)
Why? (Tchaikovsky)
Don’t Speak, Beloved (Tchaikovsky)
A Southern Night (Rimsky-Korsakov)
Virtus Antiqua (Glinka)
Song of the Poor Wanderer (Manikin-Nevstruev)
Werther's Aria (Massenet)
May Night: Levko's Song (Rimsky-Korsakov)
Two Guitars (Folk Song)
The Island (Rachmaninov)

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From the collection of Yuri Bernikov
Name: Finding Dzhulynka
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Andrey ASH (garfield)

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Dear Admin
Dear Admin!
How to download this movie?
  20.10.2008 17:21
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Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)
Dear Andrey!
The movie can be bought on DVD or downloaded at this link
  20.10.2008 18:05
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