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Ha-cha-cha (Ха-ча-ча), foxtrot



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Base fundForeign recordings 
(CHR. 620)
(78 R)
DC 285
(Peter Lescenco — W. R. Heymann)
Peter Lescenco with orchestra
Петр Лещенко
с оркестром

Из коллекции Cергея Ставицкого
Mirror Transcription: СHR 620-2
Additional information: Title on the label is not correct (record DC 286, pressed using the same master, have it in the right form).
Russian text is not translation of original English lyrics (Lads and lasses, forget your dancing classes...) authored by Gus Kahn and performed in movie "Caravan" in 1934.
Record Mini-Discography: Columbia (European) > Ha-cha-cha (Ха-ча-ча), foxtrot
Label Catalog No Mx/Ctr No Take Order No Censorial No Additional information
Columbia Record > Columbia (European) DС 285 CHR 620 2
Reverse Side DC 285 CHR 582 2
Columbia Record > Columbia (European) DС 285 CHR 620 2 Base fund
Columbia Record > Columbia (European) DС 286 CHR 620 2 Base fund
Columbia Record > Columbia (European) DС 286 CHR 620 2 Base fund
Title Name: Ha-cha-cha
Language(s) or Ethnics: russian | Catalog category: baritone with orchestra | Genre (Music Category): Foxtrot
Artist(s): Pyotr Leshchenko
Composer: Werner Richard Heymann
Lyrics By: Pyotr Leshchenko
Accompaniment Type: orchestra
Bandmaster or conductor: Georges Corologos
Recording Place: Bucharest | Recording Date: 1936
Transfer speed: 78 RPM
Record size: 25 cm | Label size: 75 mm
Additional keywords: Peter, Petr, Leschenko, Lescenco
File size: 380.8 KB | 1299x1291 px
Hits: 1518 | Downloads: 5
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 stavitsky  14.03.2014 12:35 | Last updated by:  mgj | 01.04.2022 06:02
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Author Comment
Mike G. Jurkevich (mgj)
"Rach-chach-chax" -- это что-то невозможное.
Бывает фокстрот "Ha-cha-cha" (он же "Hot-cha-cha"), как тут правильно обозначено на этикетке.
И бывает более древняя и совсем другая полька "Rach-ciach-ciach".
  16.01.2018 12:13
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Raoul Konezni (Konezni)

Comments: 889
Join Date: 24.03.2012
"Ha-Cha-Cha" (music by Werner Richard Heymann/original lyrics by Gus Kahn) from movie "Caravan"
  05.01.2022 14:57
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