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Alma Fohström



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Alma Fohström will give a few concerts as celebration of her 25-year artist anniversary. After these concerts, the young singer has the intention to retreat from the public life of artist. One can see her as calm and peaceful but surely significant artist with diligent, tireless efforts, loyal to the noble ideas of the service and the aspirations of the implementation. Not many artists had such a triumphal passage of peaks of the art as Alma Fohström. Nobody among Finnish female singers had so glorious, great and famous artist's life as Alma Fohström. She has been our first great and world-famous singer with the coloratura that the entire music world would have to look for to match. Much of the world is struck by the fact that the remote, unknown country of Finland has such a nightingale. As the young artist Alma Fohström received increased Russian reputation and recognition. As both opera and concert singer she attracted the admiration throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America. Between her journeys sometimes she visited her home country and here she fascinated us by her cordiality singing and endearing trilling. There are many operas in which she reaped the laurels here at home and in foreign countries. We will mention only a few of them: Faust, Lucia, La Somnabulla, Linda, Romeo and Juliet, Dinorah, Rigoletto, Don Juan, Fra Diavolo, Les Huguenots and etc. Since 1890 she had been a great female singer primadonna at the Moscow Imperial court opera. A few years ago, she resigned from this job.

Alma Fohströmin’s art with bright colors and clear-voice is the image of her own personality. She is like bright sunshine, always young and happy, modest and sweet. Her charming and pleasant appearance always contributes to her success on the opera as well as on the concert stage.

Now when Alma Fohström will give her 25-year artist celebration she at the same time will make farewell with us, and we are confident that the public will come to celebrate this great daughter, thanking her for all the art and especially Finnish art she made, and she will be surrounded with the love of the people, that are alive now and for many generations to come. This is because Alma Fohström name is a bright star among the living through the ages.

(Translated from the Finnish by Jukka Kettunen and Yuri Bernikov)

From the collection of Jukka Kettunen, Finland
Name: Alma Fohström
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