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Libretto, Part IV. Pages 301-end (Либретто часть IV, 301-до конца)



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From the collection of Alexey Petukhov, Moscow
Name: Libretto, Part IV. Pages 301-end
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Label(s): Part IV
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Added by: conservateur | 21.03.2009 22:12
Author Comment
What is the issue year and why it is part IV? Are there parts 1-3?
  22.03.2009 12:54
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Re: Libretto
I think that the year of print is 1907. There were 5 parts issued during 1904 to 1907, all of them are resented here. Currently, there are only two parts available on the portal: the first one and the forth one. I think there two more parts will be added in the future: the second and the third ones. The fifth part is currently available on Ozon, but the price is extraordinary. (24000 Rbl is approx. $700)
  24.03.2009 18:09
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Re: Libretto
Thank you, Yuri, for the explanation. The price is really extraordinary. I'd like very much to see the remaining parts.
(Translated from Russian)
  24.03.2009 21:34
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