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Russian Gypsy string ensemble (Русский цыганский ансамбль)



on other languages: Русский

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33 1/3 R. P. M.



1. The Russian Merchant (P. D.) 2:15 (4) (s)
2. The Snow (P. D.) 4:20 (3¾) (s)
3. Dancing Gypsies (P. D.) 2:25 (3½) (f)
4. Boots (P. D.) 2:50 (3¾) (m)

PMS 026142
026142.1 Reverse side
Title Name: Russian Gypsy string ensemble
Language(s) or Ethnics: gypsy, russian | Catalog category: string ensemble
Artist(s): Russian Gypsy string ensemble
Lyrics By:
Accompaniment Type:
Bandmaster or conductor:
Recording Place: Hollywood
Transfer speed:
Record size: 40 cm | Label size: 113 mm
Additional keywords:  
File size: 811.3 KB | 2197x2201 px
Hits: 271 | Downloads: 1
Added by: mgj | 10.06.2018 15:22 | Last updated by:  bernikov | 28.05.2019 00:44
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Author Comment
Нет в английском слова "ukhar". И это не имя. Надо или транскрибировать целиком ("Ukhar-kupets"), или переводить целиком (в литературе вариантов много, но чаще вроде бы "Dashing merchant"). Или давать оба варианта рядом: "Dashing merchant (Ukhar-kupets)". Но только не смешивать французский с нижегородским!

...popular folk song, “The Happy-Go-Lucky Merchant” (Ukhar-kupets)...

...The songs "Postal Sleigh" (Vot, mchitsya troika pochtovaya) - still well known today among Soviet listeners - "Dashing Merchant" (Ukhar-kupets), and "Coachman, Don’t Race the Horses" - all familiar as songs of the road...

... such songs as the Troika, the Ukhar-Kupetz (jolly merchant), Korobeniki (village vendors), etc...

...It is called Ukhar Kupiets, or Fair Merchant...

... the episode of the "spirited merchant" (Ukhar’ kupets)...

...the song about the "dapper merchant" ("Yekhal iz yarmarki ukhar’-kupets")...

...the vulgar song ’A Cocky Merchant Rode to the Fair’ (’Ekhal na iarmarku ukhar’-kupets’)...
  08.05.2019 01:59
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