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Lemko Folk Music On Wax Cylinders and American Records (Лемковская народная музыка на восковых цилиндрах и американских грампластинках)



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Bogdan Horbal, Walter Maksimovich. Lemko Folk Music On Wax Cylinders (1901-1913) and American Records (1928-1930) (Lviv, 2008).

Book includes parallel text in Lemko and English, hardbound, 185 pp; 43 illustrations, and a multimedia DVD which is filled with over 16 hours of music as .mp3's, along with labels of these recordings. We hope that you support our project with your purchase of this book.
Bogdan Horbal & Walter Maksimovich

From Foreword:

(...) In 1996 Maksimovich started working on an informative Web site dedicated to Lemkos, A year later, he inherited an old radio console from his in-laws that could play 78 rpm records. This console brought back to him many pleasant memories of those old Columbia recordings of his youth. He found that before the Great Depression, four large American music producers had released, among other ethnic recordings, not only Ukrainian 78s, but also recordings of an ethnic group known in those days under various names, including Lemko, Lemko-Ukrainian, Carpatho-Russian or Lemko-Russian. He subsequently embarked on a mission to learn about this group and to study and collect its recordings.

Bogdan Horbal, a historian and librarian at the New York Public Library, joined this project and enriched it with his knowledge of Lemko history. He conducted supplementary research that included a review of the American Lemko press (Lemko and Pravda). His earlier biographical sketches of Stefan Shkimba and Victor Hladick and his research on the history of Lemkos in America were very helpful while writing this book.


Lemkos [English part only]
Lemko Music
The Early Ethnographic Recordings of Folk Music
The Early Ethnographic Recordings of Lemko Folk Music
The Early Commercially Produced Recordings of Folk Music
Lemko Recordings from 1928-1930
Lemko Recordings after 1930
Bibliography of Rusyn (Mainly Lemko) Musicology
Bibliography of Оther Works

Even though this book deals mainly with recordings of Lemko folk music made in New York City between 1928 and 1930, a general description of the early ethnic music recording process is also included to place the subejct in a wider context. The authors hope that readers find this history of interest and will forgive us for the extensive description.
The authors have felt it necessary to acquaint the reader with the Lemko people and their music. The part of the book that discusses Lemkos is of a general character and is presented only in English. It cites only a few, mainly English-language, sources. The chapter on Lemko music presents both the history of research of Lemko music and its major characteristics. It needs to be stressed that neither of the authors is a musicologist, but the authors hope that by including an extensive bibliography, this will encourage others to further pursue this subject.
Titles of Lemko and Ukrainian songs are given in the English part of the text in Latin script transliteration according to the present Library of Congress transliteration system. This is done for the sake of consistency because labels, in addition to prominently displayed titles in Cyrillic letters, include transliterated titles using old transliteration systems either for Ukrainian or Russian, and sometimes render Latin script titles according to Polish orthography therefore greatly confusing the matter.
Along with the release of this book, a multimedia self-running audio DVD has been made available. It contains over 275 scanned labels and mp3 audio files, providing the reader with over 16 hours of listening pleasure with uncut audio tracks from most of the recordings described in this publication.

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