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Kazatzky/Cossack Dance AKA Sailors Hornpipe (o)



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Label Transcription:

Base fundPre-Revolutionary recordings 
['Romanized' Cyrillic]:
Sirena Grand Rekord
isp. Ukrainskii Orkestr
pod. upr. Lebedenko.

Syrena Large Record
perf(ormed by)
Ukrainian Orchestra
dir(ected by) Lebedenko]

Mayrent Collection of Yiddish Recordings at the Mills Library, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Mirror Transcription: X-12427 Reverse side
Additional information: The label identifies the director/bandleader as one Lebedenko, but the aural evidence clearly identifies this as a recording by the same four-piece instrumental group which recorded more than 40 pieces for Syrena as the Romanian Orchestra under the direction of V. Belf, a Jewish music ensemble consisting of clarinet, two violins and piano.
The melody played here, a common "kazatsky/kazochok" is also well-known under the English title Sailors Hornpipe
I have transliterated the sub-title (in parentheses on the label) to the best of my ability. Perhaps someone with a better grasp of pre-Soviet Cyrillic can improve upon and/or explain it.

The disc was transferred (by personnel at the collection which houses it) at a turntable speed of 75.26rpm. This was determined by digitally measuring the time between repeated clicks caused by defects in the record surface. It has been digitally increased to an effective turntable speed of 82.08rpm (a factor of 1.0905) to sound at the correct pitch and tempo.
Original matrix: Syrena Record # 12427
Label Catalog No Mx/Ctr No Take Order No Censorial No Additional information
Syrena Record > 12427 12427 Original matrix
Reverse Side 12428 12428 //
Syrena Record >  12427 12427 Original matrix Base fund
Title Name: 'Kazatzky'/Cossack Dance AKA Sailors Hornpipe
Language(s) or Ethnics: ukrainian, english | Catalog category: Orchestra | Genre (Music Category): Dance
Artist(s): Romanian Orchestra under the direction of V. Belf
Lyrics By:
Accompaniment Type:
Bandmaster or conductor: V. Belf
Recording Place: Warsaw | Recording Date: 1912 | Manufacturing date: 06...07-1912
Transfer speed: 82 RPM | Speed Measurement Method: Digital Tachometer | True speed: 82 RPM
Record size: 25 cm
Additional keywords: klezmer
Label file size: 302.7 KB | 1060x1060 px | Size of file MP3: 4.4 MB | 2:11 | 284 kbps x 44.1 kHz
Hits: 114 | Label downloads: 5 | Audio downloads: 7
Added by: Muziker | 07.03.2021 21:19 | Last updated by:  Muziker | 30.03.2021 11:44
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Author Comment
Christian Kenny (ckenny)

Comments: 28
Join Date: 06.11.2019
Good evening Kurt and thank you for the submission!

As a tip for the future, you can use the language tags to separate the translations for the title and other fields that are filled in. (I have added an example of this in your submission). I look forward to hearing more of your records soon
  08.03.2021 02:09
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