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U Rabina (At/with/by the Rebbe) ( ) (Baym Rebn / ביים רבנ)

U Rabina (At/with/by the Rebbe) ( ) (Baym Rebn / ביים רבנ)



on other languages: ‫ייִדיש

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Label Transcription:

Base fundPre-Revolutionary recordings 

. i
. . .


isp. Rumynskii Orkestr
pod upr[avl'eniem] kap[el'meistera] V. Bel'fa

English translation:
perf(ormed by)
Romanian Orchestra
dir(ected by) V. Belf

Gratz College Library, Melrose Park, Pennsylvania, USA
Mirror Transcription:  
Additional information: No label image is provided because access to the original disk is no longer possible. A label image from an identical record is posted here by another member.
The original transfer was made in 2001 from a disk in the collection of Gratz College, near Philadelphia. It was transferred at a turntable speed of 81.4rpm, and sounds at the correct pitch and tempo. It has been digitally edited, including merging the stereo tracks into mono, reversing the RIAA EQ, applying an EQ appropriate to acoustically-cut records, and removing the loudest pops.
Discographic information was provided by Jeffrey Wollocks article, "European Recordings of Jewish Instrumental Folk Music", 1911-1914, ARSC Journal XXVIII / i 1997.
The tune is a well-known Hassidic melody known by various names, including "Siz nito keyn nekhtn". This recording seems to have been the model for "Mekhatonim Tants" recorded by the Abe Schwartz Orchestra in New York, 1917. (The garbled opening phrase played here by a momentarily-confused clarinetist is reproduced exactly in the Schwartz recording, carefully arranged as a sort of introduction.)
Original matrix: Syrena Record # 11087
Label Catalog No Mx/Ctr No Take Order No Censorial No Additional information
Syrena Record > 11087 11087 Original matrix
Reverse Side 11088 11088
Syrena Record >  11087 11087 Base fund
Syrena Record >  11087 11087 Original matrix Base fund
Title Name: U Rabina (At/with/by the Rebbe)
Language(s) or Ethnics: russian, yiddish | Catalog category: Orchestra
Artist(s): Romanian Orchestra under the direction of V. Belf
Lyrics By:
Accompaniment Type:
Bandmaster or conductor: V. Belf
Recording Place: Warsaw | Recording Date: 1911...1912 | Manufacturing date: 02-1912
Transfer speed: 81.4 RPM | Speed Measurement Method: Digital Tachometer | True speed: 81.4 RPM
Record size: 25 cm
Additional keywords: klezmer
File size: 12.4 MB | 2:25
Hits: 108 | Downloads: 2
Added by: Muziker | 12.03.2021 14:36 | Last updated by:  Muziker | 30.03.2021 11:59
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Author Comment
pavel greenberg (sabatini)

Comments: 634
Join Date: 03.01.2010
: " "

  12.02.2014 21:01
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Tomasz Grdeń (crooner)

Comments: 89
Join Date: 07.05.2014
English to bad English
Syrena LARGE??? Record - really?
and "At the rabbis"
  20.03.2021 13:45
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Kurt Bjorling (Muziker)

Comments: 4
Join Date: 31.08.2015
Re: English to bad English
Tomasz Grdeń wrote:
Syrena LARGE??? Record - really?

Yes, really.
My understanding (as it was explained to me by discographic researchers) is:
Record companies like Syrena marketed phono disks In several sizes. The one smaller than this, although quickly becoming obsolescent, was the normal size. The 10/25cm disk was called Grand and the 12/30cm disk was Gigant (altho at Starbucks they refer to it as Vente - go figure... ;)
I know that some people think that Grande is part of the record company name, but I dont think that word would appear on any disk they produced in the other sizes.
If you know different, please educate me!
  23.03.2021 13:58
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Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)
Re: English to bad English
With all respect, Grand is part of label name hence it should not be translated. For instance "Grand Canyon" is not translated as "Large Canyon" though it is really large.

Also "SYRENA" is not English translation of "SIRENA" and even quite opposite: "SYRENA" is Polish word for "SIRENA".
  23.03.2021 17:44
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