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A Quiet Corner (Уголок), gypsy romance



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Label Transcription:

Base fundPre-Revolutionary recordings 
(С. А. Штейманъ)
Циганскiй романсъ
Исполнительница цыганск.

From the collection of the Museum of Russian Culture, San Francisco
Mirror Transcription: Ro244 A65041 Reverse side
Additional information: 24-bit/192kHz digitization by Ryan Gourley at the Museum of Russian Culture, San Francisco as part of a project funded by the National Recording Preservation Foundation.
Record Mini-Discography: Odeon-Record > A Quiet Corner (Уголок), gypsy romance
Label Catalog No Mx/Ctr No Take Order No Censorial No Additional information
Pre-revolutionary > Odeon-Record 13425b Ro 244 Copied or re-recorded matrix
Reverse Side 13425A Ro243 ––//––
Title Name: A Quiet Corner
Language(s) or Ethnics: russian | Catalog category: Mezzo-Soprano with Piano | Genre (Music Category): Gypsy romance
Artist(s): Tamara-Merzhinskaya
Composer: S. A. Steinman
Lyrics By: Vladimir Alexandrovich Mazurkevich
Accompaniment Type: Piano
Bandmaster or conductor:
Recording Place:
Transfer speed: 78 RPM | Speed Measurement Method: Digital Tachometer | True speed: 84 RPM
Record size: 25 cm
Additional keywords:  
Label file size: 1.0 MB | 1280x1265 px | Size of file FLAC: 18.5 MB | 2:35 | 1002 kbps x 48 kHz x 16 bit
Hits: 65 | Label downloads: 7 | Audio downloads: 8
Added by: MRCSF | 30.03.2021 05:03 | Last updated by:  bernikov | 02.04.2021 19:01
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Author Comment
Raoul Konezni (Konezni)

Comments: 807
Join Date: 24.03.2012
seems to run too slowly...
  30.03.2021 08:04
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Chris Zwarg (chrisz78)
Agreed: Hit the "+" button five or six times (83 or 84 rpm) and the voice starts to make sense!

BTW: Why is this indicated as "Tamara and Merzhinskaya" in the description? There’s only one voice heard, and I understand the label as a double-barreled name of one lady "Tamara-Merzhinskaya". One doesn’t write "Rimskij and Korsakov" either!
  02.04.2021 01:25
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Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)
Спасибо! Я поменял "Тамара и Мержинская" на "Тамара-Мержинская" и убрал имя и отчество, потому что Наталия Ивановна Тамара была Митина-Буйницкая, т.е. скорее всего другой человек. Также вписал "истинную скорость" на 84 об/мин, поэтому больше не нужно кликать на кнопочку "+". То же самое сделал и для обратной стороны.
  02.04.2021 18:57
Offline User profile of Send an email message to    
Ryan Gourley (MRCSF)
Thank you both for the helpful edits!
  04.04.2021 16:17
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