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Under the apple tree (Под яблоней), folk song



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Base fundSoviet recordings 
Czech Songs
Soviet Army Song and Dance Ensemble
led by B. Alexandrov
Little Reed. N. Abramov
Grass-Sward. G. Babayev
Under The Apple-Tree
I. Savchuk
And I Myself
G. Babayev

From the collection of Christian Kenny
Mirror Transcription: Д3027/6-1
Original matrix: Gramplasttrest and major plants # 24636
Label Catalog No Mx/Ctr No Take Order No Censorial No Additional information
LPs > Aprelevka Plant (LP 33) Д-3027#3 Д-3027#3 Reissue (copied or re-recorded matrix)
Reverse Side Д-3026 Д-3026
Soviet records > Gramplasttrest and major plants 24636 24636 Original matrix
Gramplasttrest and major ... > Aprelevka Plant 24636 24636 Reissue (original matrix) Base fund
Title Name: Under the apple tree
Language(s) or Ethnics: czech, russian | Catalog category: Male Choir and Orchestra | Genre (Music Category): Folk song
Artist(s): Alexandrov Red Army Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army
Composer: | Arranger: Boris Alexandrov
Lyrics By: | Translator: Tatiana Sikorskaya
Accompaniment Type:
Bandmaster or conductor: Boris Alexandrov | Solo artist: Ivan Ivanovich Savchuk
Recording Place: Moscow | Recording Date: 1955
Transfer speed: 33⅓ RPM | Speed Measurement Method: Digital Tachometer
Record size: 25 cm | Label size: 80 mm
Additional keywords:  
Label file size: 521.2 KB | 1344x1344 px | Size of file FLAC: 12.7 MB | 4:37 | 385 kbps x 48 kHz x 16 bit
Hits: 38 | Label downloads: 2 | Audio downloads: 2
Added by: ckenny | 16.09.2022 01:51
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Author Comment
Евгений Б (Eugen)

Comments: 1701
Join Date: 15.06.2014
Иван Савчук
  16.05.2020 10:01
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Mike G. Jurkevich (mgj)
  16.05.2020 10:20
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Виктор Вэнглевич (Wiktor)

Comments: 999
Join Date: 19.10.2010
Да, Иван Иванович (1919-1996). Засл.арт.РСФСР (1956).
  16.05.2020 13:23
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Андрей Кулаков (Andy60)

Comments: 572
Join Date: 08.01.2017
Eugen wrote:
Иван Савчук

Спасибо, всем за комментарии, а здесь ошибочно назвали И. И. СавчЮк
  16.05.2020 17:51
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