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Bursts of laughter ( )



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The plot is based on speculation that there is a phonograph recording of Adelina Patti from 1895 performing Bursts of laughter aria from Auber's comic opera "Manon". In reality, according to opinion of many experts, on this cylinder recorded French signer Lucette Korsoff and brothers Pathe probably for the sake of joke presented it as Patti record as it is announced at the beginning of the record. That is why the real events from the life of Adelina Patti are intertwined with fake ones, and in order to catch with invention of the cinema the year of action was moved to 1896. However, this does not diminish the artistic value of the movie.

Evelyna Malcheva is starred as Adelina Patti, Dimitar Malchev in all other roles.

Film Studio Smile, 2009
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Title Name: Bursts of laughter
Language(s) or Ethnics: russian
Artist(s): Evelyna Malcheva, Dimitar Malchev
Lyrics By:
Accompaniment Type:
Bandmaster or conductor:
Recording Place: | Recording Date: 2009
Transfer speed:
Record size:
Additional keywords:  
File size: 111.7 MB | 720x576 px | 16:54
Hits: 12832 | Downloads: 286
Added by: TheThirdPartyFiles | 27.11.2009 07:14 | Last updated by:  bernikov | 31.12.2020 03:13
Artistic value: 5.50 (2 votes)
ollectable value: 5.50 (2 votes)
Label quality: 9.50 (2 votes)
Author Comment
Christian Zwarg (chrisz78)
The "Patti" fake has nothing to do with the Pathé brothers, it was done much later (probably to defraud William Seltsam of the IRCC who issued the cylinder with Patti's name on the label). The Korsoff is dubbed acoustically from her Edison Diamond Disc mx. 395-B (issued in various couplings as 82007, 82008 and 82009), they use only one verse of the original recording. Preceding this, the cylinder contains a spoken announcement by a male voice in Italian, while Korsoff sings in French. Despite the distortion of the acoustic dubbing, the small orchestra typical for Edison discs can be discerned, and at any rate, the portion of music heard on the cylinder (and thus on the "Patti" IRCC disc) can be synchronized to the Diamond Disc, proving it is the same performance. The original Korsoff recording dates from November 1910 and was first issued to the public in 1913, so the cylinder cannot be earlier than that year (but more likely from the late 1930's).
  22.04.2011 08:49
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