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The Music. The Song. The Record. (Музыка. Песня. Грампластинка)



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Label Transcription:

Base fundSoviet recordings 
Publisher: Serebryannye Niti, 2006
Soft cover, 312 p.
ISBN 5-89163-044-3
number of copies printed: 750
Format: 60x90/16 (~145х217 mm)

From the collection of Yuri Bernikov
Name: The Music. The Song. The Record.
Additional information: From the Publisher:

The book contains articles and memoirs about music workers: composers, poets, and singers. They share one common thing is that most of the materials are written by record collectors. An adequate attention is paid to collecting of records: the authors recall their colleague – the famous collector and advocate of Russian song V.S. Franchenko. The compilation is accompanied by number of photos; most of them are published for the first time.

The book is addressed to musicians, musicologists, record collectors, and all music lovers.

The Authors:

G. Abramov
E. Barsukov
O. Brilon
V. Denisov
V. Franchenko
G. Golovanova
D. Golovko
N. Kruzhkov
S. Pankratiev
N. Shafer
V. Shesternev
B. Shteinberg
V. Solonenko
E. Sorokina
V. Zatopljaev

Currently, the book can be purchased on
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