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Funeral March (Ending) (Траурный ... (conservateur)
Noginsk Plant


Не уходи, gypsy romance (Voot)
Zonophone (Gramophone, semicircular inscription)


Je crois entendre encore (Романс ... (horseman)
Neographon (black, "noiseless")


Речь Сталина - 3, document (oleg)
Gramplasttrest (Non-standard numbering)


Ah, Let People Say What They ... (pushkin)
Plastinka Zonophona


In a Front-Line-Forest (В лесу ... (Yuru SPb)
Leningrad - Sverdlov District Factory


Aria of Saro - High Mountains ... (bernikov)
New York Fair 1939


Aria of Saro - High Mountains ... (bernikov)
New York Fair 1939


Waltz - Je veux vivre dans ce ... (TheThirdPartyFiles)
Amour Gramophone


Rhapsody (ending) (Рапсодия ... (alscheg)
Noginsk Plant


Batyushki-matushki ... (conservateur)
MusTrust VSNH (el)


The Smugglers (Контрабандисты), ... (Plastmass)
Aprelevka Plant


The Grape Garden (Садо ... (Andrei)
Artel "Gramplastmass" (pre-war numbering)


Song of the American Bombers ... (Yuru SPb)
LEF (2nd numbering)


Song of the old man (Песнь ... (oleg)
Centropechat (version #1)


A Misty Morning (Утро туманное), ... (conservateur)
Zonophone (Gramophone, semicircular inscription)


Katyusha (Катюша), medley (alscheg)


Never to Return, waltz (conservateur)
Columbia (Black)


Everybody says (Все говорят), ... (conservateur)
Zonophone (Gramophone, semicircular inscription)


And for me the spring will come ... (conservateur)
Zonophone (Gramophone, semicircular inscription)


The Three-horse Sleigh (Тройка), ... (conservateur)
Zonophone (Gramophone, semicircular inscription)


The Chronicle of «Gramophone» («Zonophone») Company in Russia 1902 – 1917. (In Russian) (Летопись деятельности в России Акционерного Общества «ГРАММОФОН» («ЗОНОФОН») 1902 – 1917) (bernikov)
The Chronicle of «Gramophone» ... (bernikov)
Gramophone Co.


The snow has swept you up, ... (bernikov)
RCA De Luxe Recording Disc


Karmelyuk, Razboynichya pesnya (grig)
Zonophone (Gramophone, semicircular inscription)


The Spring (Весна), waltz (bernikov)
Rebikoff and Co. (common)


A Complete Numerical Catalogue of Russian Gramophone Recordings made from 1899 to 1929 in Russia and elsewhere (Полный каталог русских записей компании Граммофон, сделанных с 1899 по 1929 годы в России и зарубежом) (bernikov)
A Complete Numerical Catalogue ... (bernikov)
Gramophone Co.


Go Away (Оставь меня) (bernikov)


Lovely Eyes (Black Eyes) (Очи ... (bernikov)


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