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Лезгинка (bernikov)
Лезгинка (bernikov)
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  John Brown
12.11.2012 23:40
Such a labor of love. Spasibo. My mother took me to hear "her" choir at
Constitution Hall in Washington, DC when I was in second or third grade. I
am a greying grandpa, and she died in 1997. I am a singer and the only
person in my generation who learned to speak Russian. Mother and her
siblings were raised at St. Tikhon's orphanage in South Canaan, PA where
(Count) Father Moussin-Pushkin passed on Russian language and heritage to my
Ruthenian mother. A musician of limited skill, I have been writing out The
Song of Ataman Platoff as a setting of a scripture passage (it fits!), and
am so blessed to find the image of Jaroff's 1925 arrangement. You blessed
my heart tonight. Thank you. I will pass the site on to my children and
other Russian speaking friends.
06.09.2012 20:28

I am going through some records that my grandfather owned and came across a Stinson record - 3173-A/B (Odesskaya & Tiomnaya Noch - both sung by Mark Bernes). Is there any information available for this record?

I also found several Keynote Recordings records from originals made in the USSR in 1939.

Are you interested in any of these records?

Thank you.

Yuri Bernikov: You are very welcome to upload these records on our website!
  Jane Peppler
29.08.2012 19:30
Hello, is there a way to search the site to find all records in Yiddish? I tried several ways on the search page without success. Thanks for help.

Yuri Bernikov: Witaj Jane! Since there could be vast amount of records on certain language, we have implemented different approach for this problem. In order to find all records in Yiddish you need to set a “filter”. Filter settings are located at the bottom of the home page (as well as on some other pages). There is word “Filter” and three drop-down lists next to it. You need to select “Yiddish” in the middle one and click button “Set” at the right. After this the website will show only the Yiddish records. In order to find specific Yiddish records you can use regular search capabilities after setting the filter. If you interested in Yiddish, Hebrew and general Jewish records, you can set filter to “Jewish”. Pozdrawiam, Yuri Bernikov.
03.08.2012 22:23
Уважаемые. Куплю пластинку Дирижер Файер Ю. "Фрагмент из балета Щелкунчик, Чайковского". Пишите на адрес - Спасибо
01.08.2012 15:20
Добрый день!

У меня вопрос по пластинке артели ЗЭТ, матрицы 870 и 875.
Яблоки не сохранились, названия тем и исполнителей, соответственно, неизвестны.
На одной стороне записан дуэт, исполняющий Микки-Мауса Карлтона.
На другой - инструментальная пьеса, что-то среднее между слоу-фоксом и танго.

Кто-нибудь может меня просветить, что же записано, на этой пластинке?

Спасибо за внимание.

Юрий Берников: Вот информация по матрице 870 и 875
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