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History of The First Cavalry Army (part 3) (dima)
History of The First Cavalry ... (dima)
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27.01.2013 14:19
Удачной защиты, Татьяна! А по какой теме диссертация, если не секрет?
26.01.2013 13:33
Здравствуйте! Хочу выразить огромную благодарность создателям сайта! Пишу диссертацию и ваш сайт оказался для меня просто бесценным!!! Выпуски журнала "Граммофон и фонограф", "Свет и звук" а также коллекция граммофонных пластинок стали важными источниками для собираемой мною информации! Здоровья всем создателям и коллекционерам!Большое спасибо!

Юрий Берников: Пожалуйста, уважаемая Татьяна! Рад, что вебсайт оказался полезным для Вашей диссертации! Буду очень благодарен, если Вы упомяните о нашем сайте где-нибудь в перечне источников... Кстати, меня тоже раздирает любопытство насчёт темы диссертации!
  Jen Reedy
25.01.2013 11:16
I am looking for information about my paternal grandfather. His name was Basile Riaboukha. As I understand it, he was a member of the original Don Cossack Choir. I see two people with the first name of "Basile" on what appears to be a performers list or some time of member list on the page but the last names are different. He was from Chernigov and he was born 08 Nov 1898. He lived in both W. Palm Beach, FL, USA and then later in Nicaragua, where he died. His wife was an American, Dorothy Riddle, and was a pianist.
14.01.2013 21:24
Кому-нибудь встречались записи росс. дореволюционных гос. деятелей? Неужели, кроме Милюкова, никого не записали? Даже НиколаяII?
  Danny Lynn Green OHern
15.12.2012 17:36
I am so glad that you are maintaining this unique and very valuable music site. Thank you. My father heard the Don Cossacks Chorus while growing up and sang in Russian Chorus in New York. He went on to an opera career and his last performance was Boris Gudenov in Miami, FL. He had three strokes and his health is failing. Now, if I can just get him to agree to allow the internet on his TV, he can hear this music again. By the way, his family name was probably not Green, but Danielovitch, but his father was renamed by the good administrators at Ellis Island so it would sound American.
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