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Monotonously rings the little bell (Zonofon)
Monotonously rings the little ... (Zonofon)
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Collectable Records. The portal is dedicated to the labels discographies of all around the world. Scans of cover arts, inserts, and labels are also available. Big section of Russian shellac labels, including the pre-revolutionary ones.

We invite you to the fascinating world of Soviet songs!
Radio Museum Soviet Songs. Fill your hearts with beautiful music and songs that have become the history of our country, and of us.

Virtual Library of Retro Records
Virtual Library of Retro Records - it's Nikolay Kruzhkov's project.

RETROportal - everything about songst and idols of the past
RETROportal - everything about songs and idols of the past

Old Record
Old Record - is Alex Kachanov's site (the city of Kazan).Recording history, perfomers, music and songs in VQF format.

Shellac Disk Faces Shellac Disk Faces - is Vitaly Brousnikin's site dedicated to records labels of different years. This page is solely dedicated to pre-Revolutionary labels. However, for some reasons, there are no links to this page from the main site...
Russian Archives
RGAFD - Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv fonodokumentov (Russian State Archive of Sound Recordings). This is the link to the pre-revolutionary section - is a nonprofit, noncommercial and free portal. We have created to give hobbysts and collectors a tool for presenting their precious collections. This portal should also be a place where people would exchange and gain new contacts and experiences.
Sores Archive of Boris Tarakanov
Sores Archive of Boris Tarakanov - Online music library.

Anastasia Vyaltseva - songs and romances about love
Anastasia Vyaltseva - songs and romances about love - Great site dedicated to Anastasia Dmitrievna Vyaltseva
Saxon State and University Library of Dresden.
Saxon State and University Library of Dresden..

Italian retro-music (1923-1943). The site features Italian songs from 30th 40th. There is also published texts and translations of the best-known songs and some information about the performers.
Leningrad artel PLASTMASS (In Russian). This website dedicated to the history of artel PLASTMASS. Authors: Roman Pantelus, Dmitry Fokin, Nikolay Kruzhkov.
Soviet jazz of the 1930s & 1940s. This page is devoted to Soviet jazz of the 1930s & 1940s: the history of its origin, first steps, development and "golden age" of this remarkable phenomenon in Russia's culture life. Authors: Irina Kondakova, Fedor Sofronov, Aleksey Petukhov, Dmitry Kondakov. Homepage of the "Birgit-Lotz-Verlag" (publications) and Rainer E. Lotz. Website is specialized in discographies and international mail auctions related to recorded sound: 78rpm gramophone discs, phonograph cylinders, sheet music, needle tins, catalogs, books, photographs, postcards and just about any other ephemera and collectibles related to recorded sound. Nathan Bennett-Levy's website. There he offers early classical vocal/operatic records at fixed prices. Large selection of Russian pre-revolutionary records. Nathan runs his mail order company in Scotland. Ted Staunton's 78 rpm labels.
The Truesound Online Discography Project. Online Discographies of many labels from Acoustical Era (1888 - 1930) compiled by Christian Zwarg, Berlin, Germany. Website is a consolidation of 78rpm record series listings which can be found on several websites.
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The World of Russian Records
Russian Records - The World of Russian Records

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