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God Save the Tsar CD 06.10.2013 03:30

Dear Friends, we are pleased to announce that US company Brandenburg Historica LLC recently released CD "God Save the Tsar" with Russian pre-revolutionary military marches.

Of total 25 disc’s tracks, 10 have been provided by the Participants of, so the CD can be considered as our joint project.

From all Participants we have obtained consents for use of their materials in this project. We also offered appropriate compensations, but without exception, all Participants have donated their shares in the fund of website development, for what we thank them a lot!

Following are the names of the participants, whose materials were used (in alphabetical order):

Yuri Bernikov (bernikov)
Andrei Minkin (Andrei) (unfortunately, his materials were not included in the final version)
Alexey Petukhov (conservateur)
Vladimir Timokhov (Voot)
Dmitry Fokin (dima)
Alexander Scheglakov (alscheg)

The CD can be bought on eBay at this link and on Molotok at this link. The money from the sale of the CD will be used to pay for hosting.
Cooperation with Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB) 21.04.2013 14:16

Dear friends, we are very pleased to announce the agreement with Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB). Currently, there are about 140 Russian recordings on the library website; many of them are rare present huge interest. We got permission to make them available from our website too that we are going to do in the nearest future.
Grammofonaja Zyzn No.3 1912 30.03.2013 21:34

В номере:
Торговый Дом А. Бурхард, 1-я стр. обложки
Нотное издание “Ямбор”, 2-я стр. обложки, стр. 24
15 лет фирмы Граммофон в России, стр. 1
Список новых пластинок Зонофон за февраль 1912, стр. 2-3
Торговый дом М.В.Кукуева и С-вья, стр. 4
Письмо Я.А. Бермана и ответ редакции, стр. 6
Еврейские песни, стр 7. 10
Дополнительные список пластинок т-ва Сирена, стр 8-9
Общество Лирофонверке, стр 10
На реках Вавилонских, стр 11
Список новых специальных пластинок Пишущий Амур за февраль 1912, стр 13 и 4-я стр. обложки
Хроника, стр 14, 16
Фонокритика, стр 16
Граммофонные пластинки Звукопись, стр 18, 19
Норберт Родкинсон, стр 20
Второй добавочный список Янус-Рекорд, стр 21
Мария Александровка Эмская, стр 22
Торговый дом Полякин и сыновья, стр 23
Оптовый склад и производство Рихард Якоб, 3-я стр. обложки
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 16.12.2012 14:02

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!
A documentary about the Don Cossack Choir Serge Jaroff 25.11.2012 01:56

On November 19th, 2012 record label SLAVA, managed by the Netherlands-Russia Centre at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) released a documentary about the Don Cossack Choir Serge Jaroff. The documentary contains a historical overview with 33 recordings from the 1960s, accompanied by photographs from the period 1923–1986.

After the Red Army arose as victor in the Russian Civil War, numerous army units that remained loyal to the Czar fled to Turkey. Their number included many Cossacks, including Serge Jaroff. With his regiment he founded the Don Cossack Choir Serge Jaroff near Istanbul in 1921. Led by Jaroff, the choir took part in church services, and starting in 1923 the Cossacks gave concerts as well. Over the years the choir achieved an almost legendary status. With a repertoire of sacred, military and folk music, all sung a cappella, the choir embarked on many international tours. Jaroff led the choir for sixty years, whereupon the famous baritone Michael Minsky took over as conductor. Since 2001 Wanja Hlibka has been heading the choir.

Michael Minsky settled in the Dutch city of Zwolle in the 1970s and married the Dutch Irina Minsky. She has been striving to map and collect the musical heritage of her husband and the Don Cossack Choir. In fulfilling this task she works closely together with the Netherlands-Russia Centre, which releases the music under record label SLAVA, the Russian word for ‘glory’.

Just like SLAVA’s other Russian music releases, the DVD can be ordered at for ?17.50. The overall run time is 110 minutes and the commentary is in both English and Russian.
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