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Collectors and Authors
Year 1945 (1945 год) (Wiktor)
Year 1945 (1945 год) (Wiktor)
Records of Gramplasttrest and successors


Year 1948 (1948 год) (Wiktor)
Year 1948 (1948 год) (Wiktor)
Records of Gramplasttrest and successors


Cat No
(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
[xRef Nos]
Gramophone Co.
russiansoprano with piano
Your rosy mouth, child (Алый ротик твой, малютка), romance (Gall)
Maria A. Mikhailova, acc. piano11-10-1912
Concert (Cupid)
Gramplasttrest and successors
russianmezzo-soprano with jazz orchestra
Алый цветок, song (Матвей Блантер, lyrics by Владимир Масс)
Ruzhena Sikora, acc. all-union radio committee jazz orchestra, Conductor Alexander Tsfasman1945
Aprelevka PlantГРК 1565
russianmezzo-soprano with jazz orchestra
Red flower (Алый цветок), song (Matvey Blanter, lyrics by Vladimir Mass)
Г 1565
Riga PlantГРК 1565
russianchoir with orchestra
My scarlet rose (Розан мой алый), folk song
The Piatnitsky's State Russian National choir, acc. orchestra, Conductor V.G. Zakharov and P.M. Kazmin (choir), V.V. Khvatov (orchestra)1948KAMAГРК 515/48

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