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«SYRENA-RECORD» Catalog (in Russian) (Каталог «СИРЕНА-РЕКОРД») (bernikov)
«SYRENA-RECORD» Catalog (in ...
Anatoli Zhelezhny


Catalog of phohograph records «EXTRAPHONE» Company (Каталог граммофонных пластинок акционерного общества «ЭКСТРАФОН») (bernikov)
Catalog of phohograph records ...
Anatoli Zhelezhny


Stinson catalogue: Russian 10" series, red label (Каталог "красных" 10-дюймовых русских пластинок Stinson) (mgj)
Stinson catalogue: Russian ...
Mike G. Jurkevich


Y. Shvedov, A. Bezymensky, V. Bely, I. Dzerzhinsky.1940-ies. The photo. (Я. Шведов, А. Безыменский, В. Белый, И. Дзержинский.1940-е гг. Фотография.) (Belyaev)
Y. Shvedov, A. Bezymensky, V. ...
Portrait Gallery


Yiddish Songs from the repertoire of Michail Epelbaum (Еврейские песни из репертуара Михаила Эпельбаума) (bernikov)
Yiddish Songs from the ...


Muztrust (1929) (Музтрест (1929)) (Wiktor)
Muztrust (1929) (Музтрест ...
Mustrust Record Catalogs


Year 1944 (1944 год) (Wiktor)
Year 1944 (1944 год)
Records of Gramplasttrest and successors by ...


Year 1945 (1945 год) (Wiktor)
Year 1945 (1945 год)
Records of Gramplasttrest and successors by ...


Year 1946 (1946 год) (Wiktor)
Year 1946 (1946 год)
Records of Gramplasttrest and successors by ...


Year 1948 (1948 год) (Wiktor)
Year 1948 (1948 год)
Records of Gramplasttrest and successors by ...


1950 год (Wiktor)
1950 год
Records of Gramplasttrest and successors by ...


1953 год (Wiktor)
1953 год
Records of Gramplasttrest and successors by ...


Cat No
(Mx/Ctr No)
TakeTitle Name (Composer)Artist(s), AccompanimentRec Date
Rec Place
LabelOrder No
[xRef Nos]
Black soil white rock (Lublnicki)
Paweł WeissBeka-Grand-Plastinka (blue)
RussianChorus with Piano
The Tomb, Part I (Могила, I часть), folk song
Russian Folk Chorus, acc. piano, Conductor Ivan Yukhov, Solo by A.I.JukhovaBeka-Grand-Plastinka (blue)
Dom Zvukozapisy (Records)
In SmolnyСмольном), song (V. Bely, lyrics by Y. Shvedov)
Georgy Abramov, acc. V. Bely (piano)MoscowDom Zvukozapisy (Records)
FZZ (pre-war)
RussianChoir with Piano
The Komsomol song (Комсомольская) (V. Bely, A. Davydenko, N. Chemberdzhi, lyrics by Pulkin)
All-Union Radio Committee Choir, acc. Georgy Orentlicher (piano), Conductor Ivan Kuvykin1938
FZZ (pre-war)ГРК 171
Gramophone Co.
RussianSoprano with Grand Piano
Sixteen years (Шестнадцать Лет), song (Alexander S. Dargomyzhsky)
Lydia Lipkowska, acc. Mikhail Dulov (grand piano)21-01-1914
Concert (Cupid)
Gramplasttrest (three digits wartime system)
RussianDuet with Button Accordions
Song about the Five Heroes (Песня о пяти героях) (В. Белый, lyrics by Илья Френкель)
Georgy Vinogradov, Efrem Flax, acc. button accordion trio1943
Aprelevka Plant (three digits)
Gramplasttrest and successors
RussianBaritone with Piano
Little Eagle (Орлёнок), song (Viktor Bely, lyrics by Yakov Shvedov)
Vladimir Politkovsky, acc. Semen Stuchevsky (piano)1937
Aprelevka PlantГ 099
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