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Duderhof - "Avantgard" Factory
GermanDance Orchestra
A little bit of love (Ein kleines bißchen Liebe), tango (Film Roman einer Nacht) (Hans Carste)
Ludwig Ruth and his Orchestra, Conductor Ludwig Ruth18-08-1933Duderhof - "Avantgard" Factory 1343
GermanDance Orchestra
Day without you (Ein Tag ohne Dich), tango (Arthur Rebner, lyrics by Arthur Rebner, Licco Stein)
Marek Weber and his Orchestra, Conductor Marek WeberDuderhof - "Avantgard" Factory 1341
RussianSoprano with Piano
The Gate (), romance-waltz (Vsevolod Ivanovich Buyukli, arr. Isaak Osipovich Dunaevsky, lyrics by Aleksey Nikolaevich Budishchev)
Maria Narovskaya, acc. David Pritsker (piano)1938
Lenmuztrust (score)11-107
Russian, AustrianMezzo-soprano with piano
Girl from the mountains ( ), song (Paul (Paul) Abraham, arr. David Pritsker, lyrics by Lyudmila Naumovna Davidovich, Marina Karelina)
Maria Narovskaya, acc. David Pritsker (piano)1938
Lenmuztrust (score)11-107

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