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Nikandr Sergeevich Khanaev - Finn, opera "Ruslan and Lyudmila", music. M.I. Glinka. The photo. (Никандр Сергеевич Ханаев - Финн, опера "Руслан и Людмила", муз. М.И. Глинки. Фотография.) (Belyaev)
Nikandr Sergeevich Khanaev - ... (Belyaev)
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russian, russianduet with orchestra
Duo Ratmir and Finn (1 part) - Calm down, the time will pass (Дуэт Ратмира и Финна (1-я часть) - Успокойся, минет время) (Opera «Ruslan and Ludmila», act 5) (Mikhail Glinka, lyrics by Mikhail Glinka, Konstantin Bakhturin, Valerian Shirkov, Nikolay Markevich, Nestor Kukolnik, Mikhail Gedeonov, based on: Alexander Pushkin: Poem «Ruslan and Ludmila»)
Eugenia Zbrueva, Nikolay Bolshakov, acc. orchestra1907
Concert (Angel)

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